[Buying] Diamond supporter Voucher, "Supporter Gift"

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  1. I'm looking for a Diamond supporter voucher, so called "Supporter Gift"
    I'm offering a lot of rupees.
    Please contact me if you eventually would sell one.
    Here is how it looks in game:

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  2. Is that the voucher from the current promo? I haevn't got mine yet.

    And are you even allowed to buy real-cash items with in-game money? Thought i read somewhere something about not doing it?
  3. The rule says players are not allowed to trade in game items with real money. (Admins are.)
    Well I think of the voucher as an in game item. And offering rupees for it would be allowed then.
    Staff correct me please if I'm wrong...
  4. I believe these are only obtainable from certain drop party things but only a few exist due to an actual player donating 20$ to the server for a donation...

    And yes, offering rupees for it should be allowed considering once upon a time there was an auction for a diamond supportership and it was allowed.
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  5. Wow I need one of these...
  6. As a bit of clarification on this...
    Currently Diamond Supporters have the option of either
    -Gifting 2 people Iron Supporter for free
    -Gifting 1 person Gold Supporter for free
    -Or buying Diamond Supporter for others at half price.


    If you decide to go for the Diamond Supporter option, you are given the Supporter Gift which another person must redeem in order to get the Diamond Supporteship
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  7. In the bottom in yellow it says that
    if you wish you can request ONE voucher for a diamond membership which can be redeemed by anyone at a later date.