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  1. Heya! I've decided to invest in a custom drawn avatar, similar to RainbowChin's.

    If you can draw and color very well, I propose that you draw my skin (chest up) and put whatever personal flare you want into it. I am looking mostly for digital drawings, I wouldn't use a scanned or photographed one drawn on a piece of paper; sorry.

    Now, onto payment, the best part eh? For the avatar that I love the most and end up using, I will pay anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 rupees. For every entry that I don't pick but I feel like the entrant put decent effort into, I'll award 1,000 rupees.

    This will be over as soon as I get sent one that I love.

    Good luck!
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  2. Just putting this out there, alot of artists are going to reject this just cause of the Rupees, they most likely would like real money, just cause they will be doing actual work from their side. Saying this cause it had happened to me once. So be aware, the price might not be as low as you think.
  3. There's lots of artists of EMC that I'm sure would like rupees. Real life payment is for professional artists doing their actual job. I'm looking to buy an avatar from a hobbyist and the rupees are a bonus for their time :)
  4. You can also try Deviantart. I know lots of artists there that would love to make a custom avatar. Although It's very likely they'll charge real Money for it...
  5. Yep.. I don't want to pay real money so I'm trying here because it's much more likely they'll accept rupees as payment.
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  6. Maybe I can help you, but I don't really understand what you want or better said, what kind of drawning, and, somebodey has to tell me how to get a normal drawning on a PC

    The first problem: I do usally only use my pencils and when I do use colors the only think I can make is a aquarelle.

    The second problem: when the first problem isn't a problem, I want to ask how the colors I usally see are so bright, my scanning device doesn't give me the same colors as I do see at my paper...

    annyway, this is my stile:
    (I havn't drawn real big drawnings the last few months, so thease are all made cause I was bored during makeing homework and are all smaller as 10x10cm)

    Old man, sise: 7.7x7.5cm, time: 12min, date: may 2015

    The brothers wright, sise (actual drawning) 9x6 cm, time: about 15min, date: a few weeks ago.

    I was bored, size: 8.5x7cm, time: 1 hour (I do like it to spend houres on compounding collors) date: july 2015
    (sorry, a photo made by my Phone)

    home this helps :D
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  7. Digital drawing is unrelated to real life drawing. Digital drawing is usually done with a tablet, stylus, or similar. I'm not looking for real life drawings, sorry :/
  8. -Bookmarking-

    I shouldnt be taking requests, but....
    I'm getting good on my tablet now, but no promises :p

    Looking at your skin, assuming its the right one here, there could be some problems. I'll message you the details

    Also assuming my style would be alright? Ignore the unfinished picture
    But for chest up that would be what it would look like, rounded off at the bottom. I could probably make it squared off at the bottom if you'd prefer it like that though

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  9. Love the style :)

    I'd prefer for the bottom to squared off (not totally square, but a sharp carve to basically make it a rounded square). Perhaps the border size (the black line on the outside) can be a bit thinner? I would like my shades to be in it as well (on my head but not on my eyes, like the skin). I'll answer anything else in a PM :)
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  10. I can't do great digital art, but I can sure make a good sprite.

  11. I'll start drawing it now, I'll pm you with it when it's done :)
    EDIT: Do you have a preferred background? e.g. a colour, blank, scenery