[BUYING] Beacons and Nether Stars - Paying 15,000r per

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  1. Greetings fellow EMC'ers!

    I am on the hunt for beacons and/or Nether Stars. I am currently paying 15,000r per item.

    You can sell me your beacon(s) or Nether Star(s) in any of the three ways below:

    1. Go to SMP5, res 10394 and sell it to my chest for 15k
    2. Reply to this thread or start a convo with me and I will pay you and pick up
    3. Mail me the beacons via /mail and I will pay you when I get the mail

    Thank you
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  2. How many are you needing? me and few other people have quite a bit.
  3. I need about 200 of them.
  4. Don't we all
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  5. Added Nether Stars to the list.. :) I still need 165 more.. Keep selling to me :)
  6. :eek:
  7. 15K for nether stars?
  8. I have them for sale at /v +HJMall and try to stock them as much as possible. Next week I will be stocking around 3-4 so make sure to check up on it :)
  9. Is used to make a beacon. :) So to me, it's the same thing as a beacon..
  10. Bumping this up in case anyone has any to sell. :)