[Buying] A Very Long List...

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  1. So im buying a lot and so is Fellyboy. Were making 1 thread witch will have loads of things to sell to us.

    N - nfell2009
    F - Fellyboy
    DBL - Double Chest
    N/A - Not needed

    9139 Orders.

    Nether brick -
    N - N/A
    F - 2 DBL
    Glass -
    N - 1 DBL
    F - 2 DBL
    N - 1 DBL
    F - 2 DBL
    N - N/A
    F - N/A
    N - 10 Stacks
    F - 20 Stacks
    N - N/A
    F - N/A
    N - 27 Stacks
    F - 2 DBL Chests
    Stone Brick
    N - 1 DBL
    F - 1 DBL
    N - 1 DBL
    F - 1 DBL
    1 DBL Of Every Log
    1 DBL Of Every Plank
    N - 1 DBL
    F - 1 DBL
    N - 10 DBL
    F - 10 DBL

    This list will also be updated every so often and more is coming

    Any questions please ask!
  2. Could you list the current prices you asre buying these items, please?
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  3. You might want to include prices at what your buying them at.

    So close to posting before then Pab's.
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  4. Sorry about that guys. If you want to make an offer thats fine, via PM or on here and if you want a price for a item just ask! For that certain item(s) price
  5. I can sell you 9 stacks of Myselium! (Mysel)
    What price do you like?
    Also, tomorrow I'm gonna get more Mysel, so, be awake xD
  6. I will have all 9 please. 25r per stack
  7. Since when go Mysel for that price? :O
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  8. That good or bad? :3
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  9. lol, i think it's a bit cheap...
  10. 30r?
  11. 64r each STACK?
  12. The above exchange is partially why I wanted prices. I can offer pretty much everything on your list but I'd prefer to see the prices, then decide whether I want to bother hauling it all to another server or not. If these are for your shop, I'm taking a chance on finding your chests full after vaulting it if someone's already gotten to them.
  13. i can sell both you and fellyboy double chests of cobblestone. price is 2k per double chest if you collect them, or 2050 per double chest if you want me to deliver. (my home is at smp3)
  14. So 2 dbl chests?

    I will PM you
  15. yup 2 double chests.
  16. Well too much
  17. I might be able to get the sand, but how much a stack?
  18. I have most of those items. Low on Nether Brick right now. Of course, you'd have to see how the prices suit you.
  19. Two words: Wild base.