[BUYING]A new computer! :D

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Should I get a new PC?

No, yours is "perfect" >:U 1 vote(s) 5.3%
Obviously YES 10 vote(s) 52.6%
Doughnut 13 vote(s) 68.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. -Well I have this computer now http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/es/es/ho/WF10a/12454-12454-3329738-214846-214846-1118273.html but I think that it's time to get a new one because:

    1. Battlefield heroes and TF2 don't work in this computer for apparently no reason.
    2. The computer is SO full of things that it is almost impossible to use it.
    3. Minecraft lags so violently and I can barely play simple games.
    4. Internet goes DAMN SLOW and no, it's not a router problem.
    5. The sound doesn't works.
    6. My brother inserted a cookie in the CD groove :|

    -So, I've been looking for a new pc and so far I've found these:

    -OR; My parents don't want me to spend all my money in a new computer because they think mine is "perfect" and "very advanced". (IT ISN'T) Well, they have offered me to keep my father's old computer, http://www.laptopreviewsonline.com/HpPavilion/ I don't know much about pc's so please, tell me what pc is better from the listed above.

    -I would like to see other gaming pc's (NOT MACS) from 400 to 500 euros, so feel free to show me any good one you see while surfin' the Internet.

    Thanks, and feel free to comment anything but Stay On Topic Please.
  2. Doughnuts....
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  3. Ok then, what pc should I get?
  4. ASUS, you should take, young padawan.
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  5. Well of the 3 the first is Spanish(I don't speak Spanish) second looks good except you may have problems with windows 8, last I really didn't Accually look at. :) hope this helps a little bit

    Edit: Oh... Sorry I quoted the wrong person:/
  6. What asus? i want especific models please D: I wont know how to use the Force if you don't teach me how to use it Obi-Mark Kenobi
  7. Well, Anachasc, take one with an i7, Windows 7/8, NVIDIA ge-force.
  8. Why not get a laptop?
  9. i have windows 8 and its ok no real problems
  10. Okay

    The HP G5255ES has a far too slow processor for bf3.
    The CyberpowerPC is good but a bit weak Grapic card for BF3.

    The final link is worthless to the HP pavilon website.
    To be honest, A good Gaming PC which can handle BF3 on a good lvl will cost more then 400 Euros.
    I payed 1400Euros for mine and I can run bf3 at ultra and at 60FPS.
    These linked PC´s might be good enough for BF3 on Medium or Low, But you will miss out on alot of you dont play on Ultra :)

    Did that help?

    This one is a bit higher but should be able to handle BF3 and most games on a decent level :)
  11. Hm,Check with you parents if they can help you.
    Also, BF3 is a heavy game. Not everybody can play it. Just cause a PC cant run BF3 it dosent mean that it is a bad PC.
    I mean, Some PC´s cost 2 millon Euros and still cant run bf3.(Yes,Thats true,Im not lying.....)
    But if you really want to play BF3, Be sure that a decent PC that can run it at a good speed will cost somewhere by atleast 650euros
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  12. YES! HP Pavillion for the win! I have the desktop version of it, and its a great PC
  13. But... I don't want to play BF3...
    >:I Should I accept it then rather than buying other one?
  14. Search at this:
    MSi CR720-233NL :)

    EDIT: I bought it for 400 Euro! It run MC like amazing, and Tekkit also good :D
  15. oh sorry, I read Battlefield 3 and not Battlefield Heros..
    lol :)