[BUYING] A few stacks of Diamonds

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  1. Hello everyone:

    I would like to buy diamonds for cheap.

    If anyone would like to sell, please put your things in this form:

    How Much You Want To Sell Per Stack_________
    How Many Stacks You Want To Sell_________
    Total Money_________
    Residence Number(For my reference)_________

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  2. sorry, you probably wont have much luck buying at 75 or lower per, since at most mega malls the cheapest you can buy them is like usually no less than 100 per
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  3. That's what I was going to say.
  4. Then 85r per?
  5. even then, you probably wont have many deals, if any at all
  6. Un... I sell for 95 per but I'm all out...
    Need to restock
  7. That's probably why you're sold out of diamonds. Anyone selling for less than 100 these days is gonna get cleaned out in a matter of seconds.

    You may want to consider raising your prices.
  8. Anyone selling?
  9. It's the most basic of financial/economic principles.

    Why would anyone sell you diamonds at 85r, when they could sell them to me or another mega mall for 110r?

    Unless the person completely didn't care about 25r/diamond or was basically just doing the deal to help you out. In which case, it's basically the same as giving you free money. The world is full of generous people, especially EMC, however I still feel it's a far better strategy for you to create something of value and earn the diamonds yourself. If you're a new player, I suggest logs or wool or desert stripping. If you have more experience/tools, I suggest quartz or ores.
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  10. Please...
  11. The reason I suggested a price increase on your end is that the market is currently holding diamonds in the 100-110r range. As the asking price is currently 85r, it's a 15-25r loss for every diamond that is sold to you. The vast majority of EMCers won't sell that low and the few that do are giving up extra revenue. Since this is a server for economy, almost no one will do that unless there's some benefit to gain from it that makes it worth giving up the 15-25 extra rupees.

    If you were to raise your asking price to 100r each, there's a better chance you'll get some decent offers. 105r each will probably get you some sales if you set up a shop sign on your res.
  12. mine them lol
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  13. more like 115r
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  14. I would put diamonds between 100-125r in the market. You can pretty reliably buy at 115r, or sell at 110r.