[Buying] 2 Voter's Bows

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  1. Looking to buy 2 Voter's Bows for me and my sister. She lost hers somehow, she must have had a full inventory when she was voting and it dropped on the ground.

    So looking to buy a bow for her and myself.
  2. I think your sister might be able to get hers back, if she PMs the senior staff/Krysyy. :)
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  3. They don't actually do this unless lost due to a known bug or a staff member's mistake. I may be wrong though.
  4. I remember them giving back voters stuff after a derelict residence (not 100% sure either though), but it's atleast worth a shot. :)
  5. We were thinking about trying, staff isn't on all that often though and not sure how I'd contact them through here about it
  6. pmcm.emc.gs I believe
  7. Sent a message, thanks for letting me know :) Let's hope they can get it back for her

    I'm still looking to buy a bow for myself though
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  8. how much are you willing too pay for such bow?
  9. I'm not really sure, I haven't been around EMC the last few months.
  10. I bought one very recently in an auction. Excluding the cost of the other items, I paid around 420k.
  11. Just a small comment: you mentioned that she may have dropped it on the ground, but that's not possible. Voter bows are soulbound, meaning so much that you cannot simply drop them. In the event that due to a full inventory something does get lost then it would have be mailed to you (see /mail command).

    Hope this can help...
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  12. IT is possible to break a chest with soulbound items then let the items be on the ground. That is the only way you could physically put a soulbound item on the ground.
  13. Is it possible that if her inventory was full, it could have also dropped? She was only logging on and voting so her residence didn't go derelict at the time due to college. She always retrieves her messages and it's kinda unlikely she broke any chest, since we put all of our special items in one same spot in case any of us need them. (Me and my two sisters)

    What items were also given?
  14. You can not drop Soul Bound Items Period.

    If your residence didn't reset, no chest was broken that might of contained this item, and it wasn't possible for that bow to drop out of inventory then I can assume that it be a glitch. I would talk to Senior Staff about this.
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  15. Well I did message Kryssy, but she hasen't gotten back to me about it =/
  16. Erm... If you get it in a mail, and your inventory is full, and you open the mail, it should get dropped at your feet...
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