[Buying] 1439 Iron blocks

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  1. Title says it all, Im buying 1439 Iron blocks, hope someone can help...
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  2. im selling cheap iron at my res at smp8...
  3. 2 rupees per ingot - go to captaincraft300 4 and she should be in stock (hopefully) unless someone reads this and spams them now...:p Hope this helps! ~FDNY21
  4. Thanks for the thought but outta stock
  5. Ah, sorry bout that :( Forgot to mention that they are smp9. Just ask around the servers, Im sure theres alot to grab!
  6. -No longer relevant-
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  7. I have about 20 stacks of iron blocks that you can buy for 2.5r/ingot. PM me details if you are interested :)
  8. on smp1 have Tomvanwijnen (859 not 858) a shop 1 iron 4r
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  9. l
    lol he actually bought it from me :p
  10. This is ironic
    Sorry, I can't help.
  11. I can sell a ton of iron blocks. As many as you want! For 36r per block or 4r per ingot