[Business] SSRC Smp2 Supportive Re-investment Corporation

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  1. SMP2 Supportive Re-investment Corporation
    (Formerly known as Southern SMP2 Redevelopment Corporation)

    SSRC Official Relaunch and Megamall opening will be on Saturday, July 14th 2018!

    What is SSRC?

    SSRC is a community-based corporation focused on improving the economic stability and vitality of SMP2 for the purposes of providing a fun environment where new players can easily move up the socio-economic ladder allowing them to build, create, and truly play their own way.

    SSRC’s strength comes from our shared vision of a thriving and vibrant SMP2 community. SSRC relies on our dedicated membership to provide for its needs and in return, SSRC provides for the needs of its members and the whole of SMP2 and EMC through financial support, access to important infrastructure such as stone generators and farms.

    SSRC runs as a non-profit corporate structure and every single rupee SSRC receives goes directly back in to the community by providing construction jobs to those seeking employment, hosting public events to give back excess of resources and encourage community engagement, and providing building materials via our mall at lower prices to bring greater economic equality and stability to EMC.

    SSRC will soon open up the applications for new membership Link will follow later in this thread. If you are looking for a reason to stay on EMC, or a group of dedicated, hardworking, selfless, and entertaining group to join; or you believe as I do in our mission please don’t hesitate to apply.

    SSRC is more than a corporation. SSRC is an idea, a belief. A belief that together, empowered by our deep love for EMC and our respective SMPs, that we cannot only survive; we can thrive!

    How SSRC Operates?
    · Membership
    o SSRC membership is as easy to obtain as a dirt block. The question is not if you will be accepted, but is SSRC right for you?
    o Every member no matter how new or experienced, rich or poor, brings something different to SSRC for the purpose of supporting our goals.

    · SSRC provides
    o Access to farms and generators, financial resources, and sense of community.
    o SSRC is not all work, and you will find we do not take ourselves too seriously (only our mission). We are a family, we laugh, we joke, we mess around, and we have fun. However, when called into action we lead the charge.

    SSRC’s Goals…
    · To provide economic stability through sustaining, and stocking a mega-mall.
    · To reinvest in the community by providing jobs for new players and hardworking individuals so they can benefit and participate more easily in the economy.
    · Increase construction projects and thus ensure there will be consistent demand for materials allowing players to open up their own shops.
    · Host community events and giveaways to provide entertainment for people on EMC.
    · Construct and maintain public works for the benefit of all of SMP2.

    3559 or /v +SSRC on SMP2
    Grand Opening on Saturday, July 14th 2018 at 6:00P.M. EST

    SSRC Programs

    SSRC Workforce Development Training (Opens July 2018)
    Do you want to make sure you are being well paid for the work you are doing?
    Are you not sure how you can make money?
    Do you want more personalize, specific advice from senior EMC Players?

    Then take SSRC’s Workforce Development Training!
    On your schedule, a member of SSRC will walk your through step by step the basics of EMC economics and provide you with helpful tips on how to open, operate, and maintain a shop or business. The classes will allow you to get specific and accurate advice on whatever your heart desires! Everything and anything is for sale on EMC! Including your time!

    Do you know what your time is worth? Find out today!

    SSRC Get to Work Initiative (Open)
    SSRC believes in giving back and reinvesting in our community. Thanks to the Get to Work Initiative SSRC provides jobs for those looking to get their hands dirty and make some money. To find work, visit our Job Center at 3659 on SMP2 or just use the tag /v +Work. Jobs can vary from simple shearing of sheep to mining and material gathering. Jobs also include, at particular times; construction, event hosting, design services, generator farming, and more!

    If you need work, we will find a way to put you to work!

    SMP2 Relocation Program (TBD)
    If you are interested in moving to SMP2 SSRC can help!
    If you contract SSRC to build, whether it is a Mall or house, on SMP2 we will not only build the construction project but if you are interested in moving to SMP2 you can apply for our relocation program!

    SSRC will build the project on SMP2 and pay for the res-change. If you are not a supporter, SSRC will provide you with a free voucher to allow you to claim your new home on SMP2.

    SSRC Architectural Design Firm (Open)
    SSRC can easily design blueprints for your next construction project at an affordable price!
    Are you looking for a new floor layout or a new summer home?
    Want to revamp your mall, or build a hotel?!

    Then contact SSRC’s design firm, we design our blueprints to your specifications and will work within your budget* we do not currently construct projects as our construction division will not re-open until July 2018.

    *Based on market prices, SSRC is not liable for any cost overruns because of server side lack of supplies.

    For more information please do not hesitate to Message me on the forms or find one of my many alts!

    Also stay posted for the revival of Monday Night Jeopardy, Horse Races, and newly added Build Competitions!!!!
  2. This looks great! I'm curious, do you guys only offer designs for smp2 or for anyone? Like if I had a building but, for example, needed help with interior but it's located on Utopia.
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  3. We never discriminate or deny any requests regardless of job location or members home SMP. We just are based and primarly focused on SMP2 but we are willing and excited to help whoever needs it! :) Just PM me the details :)
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  4. Awesome stuff! I would love to get some input in a future build :)
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  5. It’s about damn time.
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  6. This is so cool!
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  7. Great post :) Glad you revamped everything, looks awesome!
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  8. OOOH I like this. I am already spread too SMP thin as it is :(
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  9. Thanks everyone, exciting months to come! Any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)
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  10. Bump!
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  11. SSRC's GET TO WORK INITIATIVE is now open! Shear sheep for money! Type /v +work on SMP2 to get to the Employment Center.

    SSRC will be implementing new jobs in the near future in order to provide steady and worthwhile employment for EMC residents so you can have the money you need to have fun!

    Note: SSRC Megamall's Grand Reopening has been delayed and will open this Saturday 7/14/18 @6:00pm EMC Time. Come one, come all, shop till you drop then shop some more!
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  12. this is all wrong, ssrccorp is a player on emc
  13. Did you just assume his pronouns?
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  14. Reminder : SSRC's MegaMall launches along with the rest of SSRC this Saturday @6pm EMC Time at 3559 on SMP2!
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  15. this is great windy this will really help new players i wish i could be on to help
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  16. Can i join SSCR?
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  17. SSRC Megamall Grand Opening and Corporate relaunch Tonight @

    6pm EMC time on SMP2 /v +SSRC!

    Opening is 4 hours away!!!
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  18. SSRC Megamall Grand Opening and Corporate relaunch Tonight @

    6pm EMC time on SMP2 /v +SSRC!

    Opening is 7 minutes away!!!