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  1. Charity Company!
    (Will think of cool name later)
    The company is run by leaders ToriDesu and dales13, and donaters! (Hiring workers look below)
    Ever need something for a project or just starting out? Thats where we come in, we collect donations(Money or actual items) or even get it ourselves, or buy it with money, we are a non-profit company, and the money we do get goes towards the company and not personal gains.
    SMP1 on residence 1386, SMP3 on residence 7323, and soon on SMP9.
    Every day! We have no 'open hours' though if you do want to contact us, shot us a pm to set up a time.
    ToriDesu's Story: I decided to start the company and put effort into it because I don't believe in rupees and believe that everything should be like regular gameplay and you get it yourself type of deal, but this is a server. I have nothing to do besides run my shop so I started a company to supply players
    Dales13's Story: I wanted to do something for the community that i have been in for almost 2 years now, and this seemed like the best way to help the community
    Every single day, we advertise our cause, collect, and give away items.

    1. Sponsors: People to give us tools or rupees to do so, pm if interested and we can work out something to benefit you
    2. Workers: People to help run the show, isn't just collectors! Fill out forum and pm it to me
    3. Tools: Any kind of tools BUT wood please! Enchanted or not!
    Running a basically supply company isn't easy so we are looking for employees! Fill out this and send it to ToriDesu to apply
    Name or nickname:
    What times you can be on(Weekdays and Weekends):
    How often do you play?(Like daily or every other day?):
    Do you have skype?:
    Do you use forums often?:
    What server are you mainly on?:
    Could you bring your own supplies?:
    We also need donations so forum to fill out while donating (Again pm ToriDesu)
    What are you donating?:
    How much are you donating?(For rupees K's for items stacks or chest):
    If you are sending rupees, did you send it to dales13?:
    Would you like to include your head to donator's board?:
    Last forum! This is for asking for a supply for a project, this can be directly done down below in the forums
    What is your project?:
    What items do you need?:
    When do you need it by?:
    How much do you need?:
    No asking for rupees
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  2. What is your project?: Hall Of Crafting
    What items do you need?: Item Frames
    When do you need it by?: ASAP
    How much do you need?: A lot so maybe like an SC
  3. Added to the list, will try getting it done by the monday, if not Wed
  4. Bump, still need workers!
  5. What is your project?: Last Light Outpost Christmas Tree
    What items do you need?: Redstone lamps, redstone, spruce wood, and lots of spruce leaves. OPTIONAL: diamonds would be appreciated but optional
    When do you need it by?: December 12th would be great but you can deliver it by December 20th
    How much do you need?: 64 Redstone Lamps, as many redstone as you can give me, 128+ Spruce wood, DC of Spruce leaves.
  6. Added! But I still need workers
  7. Name suggestion: The fuzzy bear charity
  8. I was thinking of doing something with bears :)
  9. Project: The Dawn of the Clans
    What items do you need?: Spruce, Oak, Birch and Jungle logs, cobblestone, spruce, oak, and jungle leaves,dark wood, mycelium, blue glass, light blue glass and black wool
    When do you need it by: New Years would be nice, but take your time
    Amount?: A single chest of each item I have requested please except dark wood, mycelium, blue glass, light blue glass and black wool which is in quantities of a DC
    I may have forgot something, but I will edit this post if I did, thank you a lot for this service!
  10. Some of these items cannot be collected till updated so time of completion cannot be determined
  11. Yes I know, but I really don't care about the completion time
  12. What is your project?: The 8961 Complex
    What items do you need?: Sandstone, Oak Leaves, Stone Brick, Glass/Glass Panes
    When do you need it by?: It doesn't matter! Any time is okay!
    How much do you need?: I need a ton of sandstone, maybe an SC of leaves, a DC of stone brick, and an SC of glass panes, but I'd appreciate even a stack of any of that! I don't expect massive donations. :)
    I really like what you guys are doing. Don't feel pressured to help me; just do what you can, and put the other orders first! Thanks!
    Oh, and for a name, might I suggest Ursidae Charity? :) Ursidae is the family that contains bears; so not only you've got a bear element, but you're kind of implying that your company is like family to each other and to EMC. :)
  13. Okay I'll put your onto the do-not-rush pile :p
    Thats a really good idea for a name, I'll work on changing my sig and post tomorrow, also your order isn't that hard to fill, so I'll see what I can do
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  14. Bump, need workers!
  15. What is your project?: Ark's Supply Co. Pick-up Area
    What items do you need?: Obsidian and Oak Wood
    When do you need it by?: ASAP. I don't have any orders now, so don't think that I am desperate.
    How much do you need?: As much as you can get.
    Thanks for this amazing business.
  16. What is your project?: Building sugar cane farms
    What items do you need?: Redstone
    When do you need it by?: When ever :)
    How much do you need?: a sc or something
    thanks :)
  17. I'll add them to the list later
    Obsidian will take a while I don't have good picks soo :/
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