[Business] Dried Kelp Block

Discussion in 'Business Listings' started by CliffCraft, Feb 7, 2021.

  1. order complete
  2. I'll take 2 DC's my good sir.

    Payment sent
  3. hi! i would like to order a DC
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  4. Order is ready ill pm in game
  5. Can I get 10DC please? I set up access chests on my 2nd res (17579) for you, and I have paid
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  6. Just wanted to say that your order is 50% complete and to bump this!!
  7. Sorry for the delay i had a crazy weekend will get this finished probably tonight
  8. Can I order 2 DC's please
  9. will probably be done in the next hour or so will DM when ready
  10. Bump all current orders have been filled now stocking shop and prepping for future orders!!!

    Now Offering Shulker Drop off!!!
  11. paid thank you
  12. Bump All open orders are filled and ready for new ones! If you want your order in your own shulkers for easy delivery let me know!
  13. Bump! Shop Signs up at /smp7 /v 15766 just jump down across the glass and the signs are there!! no open orders either so place a bulk order now!