[Business] Dried Kelp Block

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  1. Good day EMC I am opening up my Dried Kelp Block business Now!!! Open for orders max of 10 DCs.

    Cost is 1,728r per SC or 3,456r for DC Max order quantity is 10DC at a time.
    Order Pickup is at /v 15451 pickup

    Im going to be doing my best to keep this going and keep the sheet here up to date

    Current Order Status: Yes you can place an order. No open orders

    Smaller Quantities of Dried Kelp Blocks are located at /v 15451 kelp
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  2. Bumping! This block is great for smelting many items!!! 3rd best fuel source behind Lava Buckets and blocks of Coal.
  3. after my current order is complete I have to do some remodeling and fix 2 of my tanks so i will post here again when orders can be placed.
  4. Open for Business again!!! place your orders now!!!!
  5. Can I have a SC?
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  6. order is complete /v 15451 kelp far left side
  7. Now selling smaller quantities on site at /v 15451 kelp
  8. Bump orders and purchasing on res are open! order or buy today
  9. So basically you're going to advertise your business on someone else's business thread, that's just rude.
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  10. Start you own thread and advertise your business there! This thread is about CliffCrafts business..

    CliffCraft, Can I order a DC from you?
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  11. Thank you I have a DC ready for you!
  12. bumping with new price because I have Dried Kelp Blocks located in /v +RupeeTree
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  13. Can I get 10 DC please.
  14. Will do! ill let you know when its ready!!
  15. Thank you. Take your time.
  16. 60%+ completed
  17. Hi, can i order a dc please