[Business] Dried Kelp Block

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  1. yes you'll get yours after i have finished the previous order!
  2. Thats fine just let me know when its ready, would you like payment now ?
  3. you can pay at pickup
  4. ok no problem
  5. Bumping Almost finished with both current orders!
  6. Thanks
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  7. Big Things to Come for Dried Kelp Block Biz including bulk buying. No more waiting for me to fill an order(you can still place orders). If you want to help with expansion let me know, shoot me a message in game or through forums!
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  8. yeah ill take 5 dc's thanks mate:)
  9. 5 of em coming up! Will PM once order is ready!
  10. order is ready for pickup!
  11. I need 2 DC's please.
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  12. paid can you set up an acces chest for me x
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  13. Yes I can when I can get on today
  14. kelp blocks are in the pickup room on the far left on 15451.
  15. T your order is complete!

    And here's some news!!! the Kelp Store is stocked and ready to go!!! Shop signs are in place at /v 15451 for the same costs to place an order! Why wait for a bulk order? When you can get what you need when you need it!!
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  16. stil
  17. Where can I deliver then?