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  1. Help bulldoze my land who ever gets the most peices gets 100 R!
    (Must give peices to me for no cheating)
  2. 100r :/ cheap for a whole residence
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  3. No not the WHOLE res
  4. The reason Chocolate made that comment is because you can actually ask our Senior Staff to clear out your residence so that you can build something in the, now, giant hole. Those are the senior staff services. It's probably not too interesting if you're just starting out because they do charge a decent fee (it's mainly to make sure that we don't overuse their services (as in: trying to get them to help you every day of the week)).

    And as you can see they can also remove the dirt on your res. for you, but that will cost you 60,000r. And that's what could cause some people to wonder about your event here. But hey.. You'll never know if you try :)

    But maybe a tip: you might be better off asking things like these on the server you're at. If you need help with dirt removal (and ask nicely, so don't spam the chat) then I'm sure you'll be able to find some players who are willing to help you.
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  5. I agree with this