[BUISNESS]Quartz Ore CO.

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  1. I am a buisness that goes and gets up to 10 stacks of nether quartz at a time...
    No matter any SMP even UTOPIA
    I will make sure it is as FAST as possible!!!!
    Sometimes i do regular quartz too!
    -You must pay me half of the cost at the start and half at the end
    -If I fail to complete the order in 1-5 Days you will get your money back
    -You must give me a res # and Drop off chest(s) IN THE THREAD not on server
    -Although you may message me that you posted in the forums I am generally in the nether or Smp 4
    -ONLY 10 STACKS AT A TIME!!!-see prices- But you may order again after i finish yours. I do this so everyone
    gets theirs done
    -IMPORTANT!!! If you choose to pick it up IT MUST be picked up in less then 3 days!!! Or you will be charged!!!
    Prices :D
    -each stack of ore is 1.2k
    -each stack of blocks is 2k(write if you think this is off :D)
    -and 600r per stack of dust(don't know about this one I will check my prices)
    -finnally I have decided to raise my limit to 12 stacks BUT each then the two stacks after the initial 10 stacks will cost 1.8k
    -if you want to donate to this [Buisness] I will gladly use your money to increase the service quality greatly :D and please write on post if you wanna donate...
    -then any digit after this one :D if you do donate the reason I want you to write in this thead is so I know y I just got let's day 1mil rupees :)

    -Lastly please feel free to write a review in the Reply to help my BUISNESS grow!!
    Please pre order now so it is done fast!!! Check Your package below!
    Green=Done-Satisfied Customer
    Orange= In Progress
    Red= Not Started Yet

    -PenguinDJ-10 Stacks-ore-12k
    -Ark_Warrior1-10 Stacks-ore-12k
    -Icefo- 5 1/2 stacks-blocks-8.8k
    -Luckypat-7 stacks-ore-8.4k
    -NysileVerazi-10 stacks-ore-12k
    -Scorpio528-5 stacks-ore-6k
    -Deadmaster98-10 stacks-ore-12k
    -Kyle12cu1-10 stacks-ore-12k
  2. Anybody... These are great deals :D
  3. Great business... I got my quartz over night...
  4. thx penguinDJ
  5. Great business, I apparently got quartz overnight :p Amazing turnaround.
  6. :D Did u ever pay me Ark_warrior1? im sorry but im blanking
  7. here's your ore :D 2014-08-21_15.22.23.png 2014-08-21_15.22.23.png 2014-08-21_15.22.24.png
  8. awesome, ill be home within an hour to pay you and read that book :p
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  9. lol u dont have to read it :D just explains everything i did...
    also i added a customer service list at the top to "track where i am" with your ore / blocks / dust :D
    I hope this makes it more convenient
    And for the record Ark_Warrior1 i did urs in 30 minutes after i completed penguindj's :p i almost lived in the nether but now im back and still excepting offers but none seem to come please refer and quartz buyers to me guys :D
    I will b on later today! ;)
  10. I'll take 7 stacks of ore please. Res will be 10030 SMP5. And what would be the price on that? Thanks.
  11. So do we order on here?
  12. price is 1.2k a stack
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  13. Oh my bad didnt see that lol.
  14. I'll take 10 stacks for 12k, once you acknowledge order placement and I'll pay half and set up an access chest at 3617
  15. wow i appreciate all the offers i will start on them immedietely! i will also make a quene at the top! :D
    Lucky yours might b done by today maybe tommarow and nysileverazi yours should b done in about 3-4 days but make a pickup chest anyways :D
    and yes huckleberry you order here :D
  16. Also i require a drop off chest luckypat i just got on sry i missed u...
    completing your order now :D
  17. Sounds good I'll make one soon and pay
  18. i have 4 stacks already for u still mining though
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  19. Half paid, access chest made at 3617
  20. thx just got it your order will be in progress right after luckypat's i am almost done his so you shouldnt have to wait too long