Building Across Plots

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  1. I have noticed a few areas were people are able to build across the Road Between Plots, when they own multiple plots. I just bought my second, right next to my first. How do i build across? I want to join them so they are a larger single-like plot.
  2. PM a senior staff member and they'll arrange it. It costs 10k.
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  3. By the wording, this isn't what you think it is.

    This is for staff to edit the road to how you want it to be. You can't have permissions on it, build on it, access anything on it, or block the way of the purpose of the road. It's simply meant to be a way to put together the middle of a giant building so it looks good, perhaps.
  4. Oh, so i dont actually gain access to do what i want to it? i would need to come up with a design, and the staff would fill it in?
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  5. When I looked into it they informed me there must be a 4 block clearance on the road , anything above u can build
  6. exactly, in other words just make a tunnel between ______ of what your building and bada bing bada boom you are good to go!
  7. It's because the entire server is one huge region ...

    each plot is a subregion of that region....

    since the sidewalks are outside of the 'subregions' ... they are technically part of the entire server region* ...if you are given permission to build on the sidewalks, you are able to build literally on 'any' sidewalk

    That's why permissions are not given out....


    What you 'can' do is either build on your res and have staff copy paste it into the sidewalk ... or give him/her a schematic

    ....only catch with structures on sidewalks*
    • It will cost 10k to have them edited....
    • They need to be accessible to walk across
    • Some form of lighting needs to be in the same areas as where the glowstone lamps are at.
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  8. This.
    Not sure what you're saying. Only way you can build on the road is that above y128 you can build 2 blocks (might be 4) onto it.
  9. What? I mean that if you want to customize the road there must be a 4 block clearance...
  10. yes. You can change out the sandstone but must be accessable by horses and 4 blocks wide. I asked a staff and this was the criteria.
  11. Ok, so all in all not quite what i thought it was. This is something i will think about later on, as i get both plots fully developed. Thanks everyone for all the help =)
  12. You can't build on the road itself, you build what you want on the roadway on your res when its done you can contact Sr Staff and they will cut and paste it into place on the road.

    All work like this has a rupees charge to it,