Building a huge mall

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  1. Hi
    I am building a huge mall but I don't have the money to buy the wool
    Can you please help me build the mall I need people to donate and they will become my helpers
    Iron: 500
    Gold: 1000
    Diamond: 1500

    It would be greatful if you can help
    But it is your choice
    Thank you
  2. 911 on SMP1 has free shearing. Just take shears or buy them there (25r I think).
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  3. Thanks
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  4. Please any1
  5. "Do not beg for items" - in Commandments and Guidelines.

    But I'll lend you my shears, if you want to go get wool yourself. There's a place full of sheep, at 911.
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  6. 3966 at smp2
  7. I am not begging I said it is your choice
  8. what color wool do you need i can give u free white wool
  9. Thanks you Chris you the best I am still thinking about witch color I will be using white.
  10. Does anyone want to donate me some money.
    ( I am sad )
  11. Come on people please donate
  12. Why do people start with huge projects, when they don't have material or money to even start it?
  13. What?
  14. ikr, I never asked for stuff to start my shop, all I started with was a few chests on my res with signs and the items I mined so why ppl keep asking for stuff or start by building huge buildings that they just can't fill is beyond me.
    I really do feel that this should stop and ppl should not be allowed to ask for donations or free stuff to me it spoils the game.

    If you really want a shop start small and get your own items to sell in, stop asking :mad:
  15. Such a good feeling when you build something nice with your own resources.
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  16. In theory, it is against the rules to beg for free items.

    I wish moderators would do more about the problem. It's extremely annoying when players are constantly begging - I'm sure all players as active as I am get asked, many times per day, for free things.

    Even as I speak, a player has been pleading me in PMs to give 'em a silk-touch pick for free. I could /ignore, sure; but I'd have to ignore 10 players per day. If mods pointed out that begging was wrong, that'd help reduce the problem.

    If people just give you everything for free, that makes the entire game pointless. I don't know why anyone would want that.

    Imagine, a new player turns up, and an established one gives 'em 100,000r. What's the point in that? What did they "achieve"?

    Have fun playing the game; it's not that easy to get lots of money - but if it was too easy, there would be no challenge to it, and it wouldn't be fun.
  17. Ok no one does have to donate
  18. A question relevant to this - are you allowed to ask people to sponsor your contests? Not directly at someone, but a group of people so it's not like you're targeting specific players...
  19. I don't think anyone has a problem with donating rupees or items to projects that are fun/for everyone :)