[Build Contest] What can you build in a 20x20x20 block cube?

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    What it is:

    Hello everyone this is GJ. I am hosting a building contest that starts as soon as you read this and ends next Sunday 1/26/2014 (for me) at 7:00pm eastern standard time. (the same time zone as New York City, USA) Anyone is eligible to join, all you need to do is enter a comment to this forum and tell me if you would like to join. Make sure in the comment you include your res number or coordinates if in the wild/waste to your build so I will be able to see it. My judges and I will go look at your build and give it a score from 1-20 with 20 being the best. We will throw out the top and bottom score and average the middle scores together. If there is a dead tie, then my judges and I will re-judge your build and the build that you tied with. We will then calculate the scores in until we have a definite winner. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns after you have read through the entire post, please contact me either by messaging me on the forums or just a simple Private message in game using the /tell command. Thanks :D

    1. The build must be inside of a 20 block long 20 block wide and 20 block high space.
    2. The build must incorporate glowstone in some way (my favorite block)
    3. The build must contain at least 3 different types of blocks not including glowstone.
    4. This must be done in an EmpireMinecraft Residence. Or very close to a wild/waste outpost
    5. Be creative and have fun!
    1. Please do not use dirt as the main building block unless it is necessary.
    2. Don't complain and be respectful because I will treat someone with the same respect they show me.
    3. Don't try to bribe me.
    4. Make it look nice enough to take a screenshot of because I will be posting pictures of the builds once this is all over.

    • First Place - 10,000 rupees, a beacon, and a gjbrock1998 head!
    • Second Place - 5,000 rupees, Eff IV Unbreaking III diamond pickaxe, and a gjbrock1998 head!
    • Third Place - 1,000 rupees, 64 Quartz ore, and a gjbrock1998 head!
    • Honorable Mentions (everyone in the contest who put effort into the build) - 100 rupees, and a gjbrock1998 head!
    People who have entered:
    1. JaydenIrwin
    2. Ultimamaxx
    3. Qwerty189
    first place - JaydenIrwin
    second place - Qwerty189
    third place - Ultimamaxx

    If you would like to donate prizes, please contact me either in game or on the forums.
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  2. cool
  3. So... is there a theme?
  4. Nice! :) Will try to make something sunday
  5. I think the theme is just glowstone + 20^3
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  6. I have a really good entry, but it's like 65k blocks out in the wild :l
    Could I just post pictures?
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  7. I would like to but I can't because there is no way that I know that it is EMC. sorry
  8. There's a ghast head in the entry. You can only get non-wither skele heads in EMC.
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  9. okay well there may be some evidence but I am not going to be accepting pictures. Sorry
  10. Then what reason is there other than that?
    If I'm going to be denied something, I'll fight for it.
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  11. -_- do you want to win or not?
  12. I may see it if you make a minetrack out there in the nether.
  13. Not necessarily, I just want a fair chance.
    {EDIT} It's at a secret outpost that only 3 people will ever know about... :l
    {EDITED EDIT} I don't want to have to rebuild it in town, but I may need to -_-
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  14. You could just /p gjbrock1998 and then make the screenshot, right? That seems like enough evidence.
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  15. ^^^
    Listen to da man
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  16. Me? Who has to listen to who?
  17. nvm -_-
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  18. Here is what I am going to say about this...
    I need to be able to see the build in person (in game)
    If there is a nether path with a mine cart system to get to the build it is okay.
    If you have built it in a private base far out and you don't want me to see it, then you should either trust me, or rebuild it in town.

    I am sorry, but like I have said about 5 times, I am NOT accepting pictures.
  19. Fine, I'll rebuild it in town -_-
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