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  1. So this morning I was playing around and I shot my flame bow at some TNT on a res. Now I didn't expect it to ignite, but it did. This person was not a supporter. I don't know if that matters.
  2. Any flame bows that hit TNT will ignite it :)

    He might of been a supporter before but I don't think that matters.
  3. Nope she hasn't been a supporter. I think they should make it so you can only ignite TNT with a flame bow if you have TNT flag.
  4. Hitting TNT with a flame how with the ignite flag will light any TNT, and TNT Is no longer a supporter perk. This isn't a bug.
    If TNT explodes then you DID have the TNT flag.

    Also, blowing random TNT up on a random res is GENERALLY a bad idea.
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  5. A friend and me tried to reproduce this issue just now and I can only conclude that there is no bug here; I think that there has to be a flag somewhere which you overlooked. For the record: my residence has the 'explode' flag (explode:creeper & explode:tnt) set to default, which means that those are denied.

    I tried with a friend who only has some use flags but nothing related to building or exploding. Alas, see for yourself:

    She just shot the TNT with a flaming bow. The result is this:

    So no explosion what so ever, the TNT simply vanished.

    For the record:

    ...and I just noticed that she still has build (result from mining a SC worth of clay together). Alas, we also tried without the build flag and the result remained the same: the TNT vanished instead of exploding.

    So you might want to double check which flags are in play on that residence. Use: /res cset to check the global flags and use /res cpset <name of player> to check the individual player flags. Or just tell us on what residence this happened then we can check it for you.

    But I really think flags are in play here, not so much a TNT bug.
  6. It just dissaperd
  7. Why does pineapple have admin?
  8. Because he's a friend of mine. We knew each other long before we got here, in a time when none of us had even heard of Empire Minecraft yet :)
  9. I was thinking about this issue a little more: what could make a nice suggestion is to have an ignite flag together with the explode flag. One would prevent TNT from igniting while the other prevents the actual explosion.

    Just my 2 cents of course.
  10. YESSS
  11. Unfortunately this is a known bug - thought I had killed it a couple months ago, but the fix didn't stick.
    When I get back to developing, will fix it. Otherwise will have to manage :/
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  12. You must have felt like this when you hit that TNT...

    You must have felt like: "Mah gawd... I'm a snipah!"
  13. That means TNT flag isn't on...