[BUG] Spawner not active when in range after you go AFK

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by SkareCboi, Jul 17, 2016.

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  1. Hi all,

    Over the past few week I've done some testing at my skelli and cave spider spawner grinder. The mobs stop spawning after the afk player goes AFK.
    Is that an intended feature?
    - If yes, Why is it not in the changes from vanilla wiki page and explain your reasoning why this has been inplemented.
    - If its not, please fixe.
  2. Bumping this as I saw this but forgot to respond before, and had someone ask about the same topic and it reminded me.

    There is no code (that I know of/remember) that does this for EMC. I don't deny I thought about it though =P But I knew it would cause drama so it wasn't added.

    I also checked the Vanilla code, and can not find any logic to support it based on Mojangs own anti AFK system, but I will not rule that out because Mojangs code is hard to follow.

    Is this still happening? If so, can you try to figure out reproduce steps and also record a video.

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  3. I did a bit more research since when doing an /entc on the afk account after leaving it there for close to 1hr.
    The entity count was at cap 250 entities. Went to investigate, since the farm had been recently majorly griefed. The repairs were hard to make since 250 cave spiders kept killing me. Found that there was 1 side where the spiders were not getting killed by drowning and were just accumulating to the 250 entity cap.
    I blame the griefer that Melk too care of for this since I probably lost time and resources out of this since it probably took me 3 weeks of afking to find out that they were no drops at the farm.

    PS: To anyone reading this, get stockpiling bones as these will be the new poor mans Quartz when 1.10 gets release in a distant future.
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  4. I know your reputation and I realize that you probably have plenty of resources (or rupees to get those resources). Even so: GRIP does not discriminate, griefing is griefing and if we can help you a bit by providing some of those resources for you then we will if you'd like us to. I can imagine that this has already been taking care of, but even so: really wanted to get this out anyway.
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  5. Yes those are full.
  6. Good lord someone help him out!
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  7. Good to hear. The other person's issue I believe was due to the vanilla detail around # of active villages on a server at one time.
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