[Bug] Marlix Effective Difficulty

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by SliceOfRhyBread, Sep 15, 2015.

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  1. I fought three marlixes recently.
    I killed them all, and they all showed this message:

    Two errors I see with this.

    1) The marlix took NO damage that wasn't from me. It wasn't damaged by anything other than me, and certainly not 6.6 damage worth.

    2) It says that it dropped no loot, because 6.6>20/2. Anyone who knows anything about anything knows that this is not true, for 20/2=10, and 10 is most certainly not less than 6.6.

    Plz fix and (hopefully) compensate.
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  2. it says 20-6.6 repeating > 20/2 = true

    this is right, 14.4 is greater than 10
    i have no idea what causes this besides maybe the skelletons shooting him, this happens to me alot and its getting really annoying, i have not received tokens from like seven marlixes or so
  3. It's a known issue and Aikar is aware of it. I tend to ignore Marlix'es these days, they always end up getting me killed while I have to go through a lot of effort while usually not getting much out of it (hard to hit with your bow) :)

    I'd rather fight Momentus. Got me 2 vault vouchers and 2 dragon stone fragments just a moment ago, awesomesauce :)
  4. lets keep discussion to that thread. I'm still trying to figure it out :/

    Apparently guardians hitting marlix was not the cause.
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