[BUG] Live map is not adjustable

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  1. So I've been getting this issue for a while now but never got around to making a thread asking for help.

    Basically, whenever I go onto an EMC live map I can't scroll left or right on the dynamic map, but I can select players to lock on-to and view other dimensions.

    It happens on every live map and in every world. >.>

    It works on Internet Explorer, so it's obviously something to do with my Google Chrome browser which is the only one that I use. And when I click to try and move my view around, it comes up with the cursor that I would see as I write this post (text editing cursor, like "I" )

    So, does anyone know how I can fix this?

    Any help would be really appreciated :)
  2. Mistake?
  3. The "can" before it was :p Oops.
  4. Omg thank god someone else has this issue also!! Driving me nuts!

    Please help someone haha
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  5. Use Firefox :p
  6. Firefox is nice but really clunky.

    This is weird, because the live-map works fine for me, and I am using chrome...
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  7. Hmm, might it be a plugin?
  8. Installed anything new?
  9. I wouldn't know what it is, hmm - I'll test it later on but it hasn't been working for ages.
  10. Okay I been having the same problem for last two weeks too and the browser I use is FireFox.
  11. Wow your a mod!
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  12. I haven't come across this issue... I mainly use chrome although I tend to use FireFox, Internet Explorer & Safari...
  13. Hmm, tested Google Maps and the scrolling on that is working perfectly
  14. Congrats on moderator!
  15. I've heard of a few folks having this issue as of late. However, every time I take a look at it there are no issues. I am also running chrome.
  16. tried clearing cache? going to ping the dynmap author to see if he knows.
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  17. Aikar - Cache clearing didn't work for me... Thank you for contacting the author :)
  18. Excellent - but nope, doesn't work for me either.
  19. Just use...internet....explo...rer...

    Yeah, it was hard to get that out.
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