bug? Cannot move rail with piston.

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  1. I found a big problem, i cannot move a railtrack with piston in EMC
    in creative mode it works fine. And moving the railtrack with sticky piston so the piston is blocking the railtrack is something i really need as extra safety.

    Why is it now working ?
    And how can i block a minecart without breaking the railtrack and later restore the railtrack automatic ?
  2. I don't know from mind about the piston trick. My first reaction would be that tracks cannot be moved and will always break, also in creative. But I'd have to try to be sure.

    What I do know however:

    Use a non-powered powered rail. That will force the minecart to stop.

    Edit: To get it going again you could move a block to either side of the cart (above the rails) before powering the rails again. That would force the cart to start moving in a specific direction again.

    Edit2: Ignore previous edit, that obviously won't work. I had something else in mind (block at the end or beginning of the track). Getting the cart going again could be a challenge, an interesting one. Need to think about that.
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  3. I think the rail / piston interaction was disabled a while ago because there used to be a duplication bug using the same interaction, but Aikar/Chicken can confirm.
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  4. Would there be a way to fix that now? Pistons+rails sounds like I could have a lot of fun making interesting change stations with this.
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  5. Make a short stop wit to unpowered powered rail, this will make the cart stop, then put a button to keep going
  6. you can change which way a track turns with redstone, meaning one one side it turns into a wall and on the other it goes straight
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  7. But in my vase the track must not turn. also i need to test if you can say wich direction it need to turn. i think it dont always turn to the wall direction. And what happens when you switch it to straight ? uhhm wait curves dont know straight tracks.

    Not the perfect and nice looking solution for me i think.
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  8. I didn't know this. Thanks!
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  9. use W while in a minecart it will move it or just push it.
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  10. Yah, but that won't work on an automated track. Say you want to stop the cart mid-track to unload (or load extra) and then have it start moving again. Of course this can / will work at the end of a track. So the OP might need to look into a possible redesign here.

    As someone else mentioned; perhaps a crossing. Right is unloading, left is continueing.
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