1. Hello Everyone, this is the thread about my company. My company's name is Brick Strike Company, because, I am brickstrike :p Anyways, as my company begins to sell products and other things, I will be creating a matrix or, reference guide here. Here, I would like for you guys to come up with some ideas of what I can build, sell or whatever. Thanks, Brick :p

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  2. -Reserved-
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  3. BrickStrike was NOT the first thing that came to mind when I saw "BS"
  4. Is AlexChance the First thing that comes to mind, when you see AC Inc.?
    I think of air conditioners :p
    Anyways, I could change the name, to like B&S Co.
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  5. No, AC Doesn't have an awesome connotation to it like BS does.
  6. Brickstrike is by far the most superior name/word that has initials of "BS". :p Sounds like a cool company.
  7. Fine lol :p
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  8. Bull & -

    I believe a new company name is due.. preferably without initials.
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  9. I personally think bull s*** co. would of been a great name but thats just me
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  10. ... Look, I wasn't exactly thinking correctly when I chose the name >.>
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  11. I don't know >.> Some people say yes, some people say no. I really don't care either way, I just want my company!
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  12. Brickstrike Co. would have done just fine. The moment you pull the famous BS is when the crowd goes wild :)
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  13. Lol >.>
    (thanks for bumping :p)
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  14. Well, this thread gave me a good laugh for the morning :)
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  15. Meh, I need to create a poll and ask everyone if I should change the name or not :p
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  16. Keep It!
    Air Conditioner Incorporated?
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  17. Bumpsy.
    Some. actual news about what my company will produce :p
    I have been working on making huge farms on my utopia res, and I am almost finished with one farm.
    So in other words, I will be selling some plant stuff soon :p
  18. Just keep doing what your doing brickstrike :) You are doing a great job