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  1. This is a different kind of thread, one that will continually be updated with different items to buy, meaning anything I would like to sell will be here; from promos to well anything I choose.

    Current Items Being Sold:
    1 Stable voucher - 12k
    12 Vault Voucher - 17k
    1 Super Dragon Poop - 45k
    2 2013 NY Empire Fireworks - 17k each
    5 Beacons - 8500 each

    Other things will be priced out soon.

    Please PM me saying you want to buy if interested. Or bug me ingame. Thanks :)
    NOTE: I will from now on mail you the items after payment has been received. ;)
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  2. Not bad prices. The only thing is that the slicer is worth only between 12k- 10k at the moment
  3. Debating with my own mind whether or not to get a stable voucher or two... but then other half goes dont go under a million, please...
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  4. Heehee. (BS)
    If ya know what I mean
  5. I might lower the price to about 13k each if no one buys :3
  6. Save the benches and vouchers for me please :D
  7. Sure thing :p
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  8. Just saying, maybe don't call it the BS Company? ;) Very interesting, maybe I'll buy some starter stuff eventually. :)
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  9. Ok, I'll buy a full starter kit (all armor, sword, and pick) for 750 rupees. :D
    Actually, I'll buy every starter piece you have unused. 1375, I believe?
  10. Cool, meet me at my first res on smp1 :p
  11. Bumpers!
    All Special Items are almost out, hurry to still get them!
  12. Bump!
    2 labor benches and 3 turkey slicers left for promo items.
  13. Updated list with new things, will be getting home later today.
  14. Save the 60k armour for me please
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  15. I'll take the ore buster :)
  16. Ok :)
    Pay and I'll drop it off/ make an access chest for you >_< (your choice.)
  17. Slot sign please :D
  18. Nuu :p Alex beat me. And my chance to make 5k xD
  19. Ok, will be set up shortly :) (giving you move ;3)