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  1. So its been great playing with you all, but due to recent occurrences, poor business decisions, staff demotions, I've lost a lot of the main reasons to stay in the Empire. The core starters of EMC have been leaving more in the last week than ever before. I've lost one thing that simply cannot be replaced, trust. As a lot of you know, I, along with a few staffs have stepped down. All of you that I've had the great opportunity to meet and chill with, Don't worry, ill still be on Minecraft and Skype :)

    I've recently been debating this and I feel like EMC is starting to go downhill, most of the original smp4ers have left, a lot of the Original members that made EMC so great have left, and most of the newer members I feel just aren't the same/cant replace the original members :/

    The people I will miss the most, I'm dedicating this to you (if i left anyone out, I'm very sorry).
    Apocryphan , Your redstone is amazing
    Alyattayla , You are always my favorite dingus
    Bitemenow15 , Your shenanagins are hilarious
    Cutejuliew , You were always there when noone else was
    Cddm95ace, You have great leadership skills
    Playtehminecraft , I love your koala snapchats
    Sonicol1 , Your skype pictures always make me laugh xD
    MegsMinecraft , We talk like err day
    VMCjewel , Good luck in paramedics school
    MasterMockery , Our Mob Arena skills were OVER 9000!
    Todd_Vinton , I hope your hand gets better soon
    AmusedStew , Our Xbox convos were Epic
    MrWhosMagic , Yolo m8, and good luck in your future :)
    Luneyia , You should add me on snapchat
    WCG_Elite , You are the best coder I know
    Samsimx , Mob Arenas were always a challenge with you
    Smongoman24 , Our Xbox convos were great xD
    GameKribJim , GTA was hilarious
    Deathtomb8953 , You gave away so much stuff

    Before I leave, i want to say goodbye one last time.

    Bro Out!
  2. This.

    Sad to see you go Bro, but you have a completely valid reason to
  3. Good luck with your endeavors and wherever life takes you, you will be missed!
  4. I know we didn't end on good terms last time we talked, but I truly hate seeing people leave, even those who I have got mat at, which at times, I can over react (a lot!). I do think you will be missed on EMC, and if you'd like to add me on skype, it is Radioactivehd.

    Cya. :(

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  5. wow... cya bro :(
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  6. Sorry you feel that way... However, I would humbly suggest to just take a break and come back after things have settled a little bit; give the "new" EMC a chance ;) Hope to still see you around every now and then.
  7. But, but... Oh well, guess I can't persuade you :(
  8. Thanks for visiting the Empire! Come back soon ;)
  9. It's a shame you won't stick around to see how things go, but if that's how you feel then so be it.

    It's been nice working alongside you on the contribution team and I wish you all the luck in the future. :)
  10. I know how you feel, I felt like this over a year ago after mass banning took place and loads of the original players left because their friends got banned. I thought staff where too strict and some thought they where not strict enough, but what ever EMC changed then.

    I will also add that back then Aikar had nothing to do with that only the original owners. Due to that I felt like leaving and tried other servers like smp1 but it was not the same and I left for a short while.

    I must also add despite the recent changes you mentioned in recent times we have seen a big change in the numbers of new players. It takes time to build a good community from these but I have to give Aikar credit where credit is due he is the first person who has been in control who has took the bull by the horns and advertised the server.

    In the time I have been on this server it went from being great to mediocre, I think only the regular player are what kept it going, the last of that original group. However now I see some changes, the changes I and others have been asking for from the original owners but never got. Now that EMC has someone who is willing to try and improve thing I think it is important to give as much support as we can to that.

    I respect your decision and I understand how you feel, as I mentioned I have been there. You do get used to the regular ppl and it does hurt to see them go even the not so good one's. I hope after you have had a break you find your way back here. I know it will never be the same but imo it is the best of what is out there.

    All the best in your future endeavours, I am sure you too will be missed.
  11. After talking to you about this, I knew you were going to leave.
    It's sad to see you go,because you were part of my small group of friends on EMC that I got along with and trusted.
    I just want to say I hope you enjoy what life throws at you, and never give up. Lastly thank you for listening to my RL issues and being my friend here on EMC. Good bye Jarod, I hope you may return someday.
  12. I hope you will not feel like you can never return. Many people are staying and working to improve.

    No harm in a little distance if that's what you need to do. Thanks for your honesty.
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  13. I haven't known you for that long, but it's still sad to see you go. :(
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  14. Sad to see you go, you were one of my favorite smp4ers, and I quite enjoyed that time we flew around on utopia ;)
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  15. Bro, I'm sad to see you go, but I wanted you to know that you're always welcome on smp4!
  16. But.. Jarod, you cant leave us ;-; I enjoyed having you around even if I didn't show it, but now its so quiet D: You will be missed :( Expect spam of koalas now!
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  17. Good bye mister bro.
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  18. brooooo immm a miss you! good luck with life ;-;
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  19. Ba-hum-bagh side of me wants to say that goodbye threads aren't allowed.

    But seriously, this is sad. So much of EMC is just falling apart. Hope you good luck, PM for my skype if you want.
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  20. wow... sad to see you go, liked having the talks we would have every once and awhile.
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