Bring back the arenas server!

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Do you wish to revive the old Arena server?

Poll closed May 15, 2012.
Yes, return it to its former glory! 32 vote(s) 88.9%
Nah, let it stay dead! 4 vote(s) 11.1%
  1. I was sitting on my bed. Bored. Nothing interesting to do on EMC, surprisingly, and I thought to myself, dang, I woshth didn't get rid of the arenas server! I know it was due to a low amount of people playing it, but the empire has grown. Maybe it will now be more popular? And for you...... Newer members, the arena server was a place with sort of monster arenas, and you had to survive them. There was bosses, and different classes and such, and overall, pretty fun. But not many people knew or played on it, so it was shut down. So can we bring it back? And since this evidently the new fad,

    ~ Sneeker134
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  2. i think a little pvp would be nice
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  3. I would too. But again, this is up to IceCreamCow and Justin, so we don't really count towards much. We will probably need a large section of players to even make them consider it.
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  4. *cough*thereisalargesectionofplayers*cough*
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  5. arena as in waves of zombies and hundreds of players fighting off hoards of mobs.... one word.. AWESOME!!! :p
  6. I think they should bring it back but they should add more things to attract more people.
  7. That would be fun... As long as I could use the vault to bring lots of diamond weapons over
  8. I think there should be a small reward every few waves, like 3 paper. I've racked up quite a bit of cool stuff on servers with the MobArena plugin. This would give me something to do on EMC (now that my res is virtually complete) instead of playing TF2.
  9. This would be good in short spurts, so it doesn't get overly boring. A contest, perchance? I've actually been thinking about this for a while.
  10. What exactly do ou mean by short burst? Waves?
    And the arena server, at leastly orginnaly, wasn't connected really to the others. At the beginning of each game, there was a class selection. And when the game was over, you lose all the stuff.
  11. PVP causes disputes, and EMC is not about PVP or disputes, so therefore I say no.
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  12. But....... Carp. You have to remember though; this is an arena setting. So you win anything, nor do you lose anything.
  13. I don't understand. Would people be able to kill each other? And will vault be available? If so, what happens when someone comes in with some diamond gear and then a couple of guys come up behind him as soon as he leaves a protected area, ambush him, take his stuff and keep it for themselves? Disputes and sad faces.

    I wasn't quite yet on EMC when the arena was in place, so I don't understand how it worked. Maybe I have it completely wrong, but the way I understand it.. I don't like it. If you care to explain/put me straight, I'll give you an amended view with the information given.
  14. If PvP comes - I leave. ..Or learn how to fight like a boss.
  15. In the arenas server, you could only fight mobs, such as zombies. It was in no way connected to the other servers, and you didn't win/lose anything.
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  16. Ah, okay. I understand now. So how would people get gear to fight the mobs?
  17. as someone said earlier you choose your class and recieve items according to class aka: healer, warrior, archer, magician (probably potions galore :p)
  18. What I meant by bursts was short competitions when it was open. If it's open ALL the time, then the demand might be reduced.
  19. They could do something like: you fight through the waves and earn xp, before each wave you can leave with the xp earned or fight the next one, if you lose or leave during a wave you lose all the xp earned in the arena. Waves would become harder of course.
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  20. Well a way to make this so that people would be willing to play it would be something like this.

    You join the server (and appear with nothing at all in your inventory) and you enter the room where you choose your character type. IE heavy fighter, archer, healer, etc. Each type has a set amount of gear, food, and potions and that is all you get for the duration of the rounds.

    Make the rounds last between 5-10 waves depending on difficulty. For each wave you survive you win a prize of some sort. The more waves you survive the better the prizes. If you survive the entire round then you get a bonus and then you are given time to vault the winnings and to re-select your class. And then you can begin again. Once you are done you can simply exit the server.

    I am not sure how to make sure people don't try to take the weapons and armor and such, unless you make it so that they win money instead.

    Just some ideas for it.
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