[Bring Back] Afk Kicks

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  1. I know that AFK kicks were taken out unless the server is full. I don't think any server has been for months. I am suggesting that we bring back AFK kicks because people are sitting AFK at their spawner for HOURS and it ruins any and all natural spawning. On Utopia my slime spawn rate was insanely low and once one of the AFK grinders was kicked the rate picked up. He joined back and it is low again. I suggest that the time until someone should be kicked is 30 minutes so natural spawning can be fixed.
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  3. Agreed !
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  4. No I like it the way it is! Having no AFK kicks means easier grinding! By the way AFK kicks aren't gone they only occur when the server is full so that is why you haven't seen any lately because there are so many servers for players to spread out on!
  5. Mega facepalm! Didn't even realize that on the first line you said that AFK kicks only occur if server is full...
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  6. I use a grinder a lot but yeah I agree. Grinders aren't one of the main parts of the game. Natural mob spawning is. 'Nough said.
  7. You know I have never realized that the skeleton in the spawner stares right at you!
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  8. Last current events i had to deal with. I agree with bring back afk kicks :)
  9. Anyone who disagrees with this idea is a piglet and should be thrown in the depths of the Nether. Grinders really defeats the purpose of the game, and if we do bring this back it will help the server by unloading chunks and removing unwanted/generated mobs.
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  10. Wasnt this a supporter perk? Or am I crazy?
  11. lol Your just going crazy, its ok we all go through it :p
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  12. Im a piglet and i should be thrown into the depths of the nether.
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  13. Very True!! Although I set up a cobble gen at on of my grinders so I can get cobble while waiting for mobs.... Technically not afk!
  14. Unfortunately the problem isn't in the system, but the players using/abusing it. The AFK kick works great if players are just standing there still, unfortunately the majority of the grinders i saw prior to the change in code, had an AFK coaster, which basically neutralizes the AFK kick ability as the players are still moving.

    The true solution to the whole situation is to limit the amount of mobs which will spawn around any one player. If/when we are able to achieve this, it should fix any problems with mob spawning. :)
  15. Limit should be max of 200?
  16. Actually dear Shaun, there might be another way but it will require more code to determine more ways to determine an AFK'er.
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  17. That ends up going into a lot more than is needed to and a whole lot of "what-ifs". Good news is, a lot of (all, I think) of the first stage of the mob limiting code is done and just needs to be double checked for working-ness, etc. haha.
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  18. Is there anyway I can help with coding stuff? I'm bored recently, or is the coding stuff limited to moderators?
  19. Right now, we have a group within the moderators that are starting out with helping out. Justin may release an official application down the road for additional help, but there's nothing solid on this, so I can't give you any specifics on when/what/how, etc.
  20. Weren't AFK coasters banned?
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