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  1. Found a mob spawner? Don't know how to set it up? Got it set up but it doesn't work?

    Then the AC Inc. Grinder Service is for you!

    AND WE'RE THE ORIGINAL MOB SPAWNER SERVICE! Guaranteed professionalism!

    For just a 1 time payment, I can fix a mob spawner or create one that has already been found! Please read full post before requesting service:


    SPAWNER FIX - 1250r - Fixing spider, zombie, skeleton spawners. Price may vary.

    ONE SPAWNER - 2000r - One spawner linked to one drop trap - skeleton, zombie.
    TWO SPAWNERS - 3500r - Two spawners linked to one drop trap - skeleton, zombie.
    THREE SPAWNERS - 5000r - Three spawners linked to one drop trap - skeleton, zombie.

    CAVE SPIDER SPAWNER - 4000r - One cave spider spawner with piston squish trap - spider.
    TWO CAVE SPIDER SPAWNERS - 7500r - Two cave spider spawners.
    TRIPE CAVE SPIDER SPAWNERS - 11,000r - Three cave spiders spawners.

    BLAZE SPAWNER - 13,000r - One spawner with Ethos' ice-cream cone design - blaze. 10k with materials supplied by yourself. (Estimated time of completion: 2-5 days to get to your order)

    OTHER - N/A - Forum PM me with request for service not listed above.

    -For mixed spawners of more than 3, add total price up, take 1000r off and add travel fee.

    TRAVEL FEES - I now decide the travel fees. Estimate of 500r/1000 blocks.


    Don't trust me with the coords? Read the references and you'll think otherwise!

    I have had sufficient experience with setting up stable, working XP grinders. I trust that my spawners will work to the best of their ability - obviously 1 spawner block will be slower than 3 - and if you can PROVE (with video if not working) that the setup isn't working, I will give a 90% money back refund.

    After the spawner is complete, I have tested it and all appears to be working well, I hand it over and you may contact me with any questions in a forum PM.

    I work on any server, and a little bit of assistance isn't required, but it sure will help me work faster :)

    For questions and orders, forum PM me with the coordinates, detailed information I might need to know, server, quantity/order information, like this:


    -AlexChance, AC Inc. owner and founder.
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  2. How do we know that you wont turn around and sell the coords?
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  3. Overpriced much?

    if anyone gives me 500 rupees and the supplies i need i'll do it for 500r?
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  4. People don't know how easy it is to do it, or they're too lazy to do it themselves :p
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  5. thats fair enough! i just find itvery had to believe that people will actually pay that much.
    But if someone does pay that much then you get an instant rupee bonus.
    So pray that people are Lazy!
  6. We don't need to pray. Just go on any server and monitor the chat for a while, you'll see what I mean ;)
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  7. I think this is a GREAT idea and wish you the best of luck! I also think your prices/rates and terms are perfectly reasonable.

    Alex, how familiar are you with ethos' various mob trap designs?
  8. Hahahahah. so you just need to rely on the lazy people EMC!
    and yeah i suppose if people will pay your prices then they cant be that bad :p
  9. Question: Do you know how to build an iron golem grinder on a residence?
    and if its posssible on EMC servers? cause i would love to get one set up
  10. Please stop hijacking my thread:
    ^ Please read the full thread.

    Thanks for the support :) Well the design I use is just a nice lift, takes them a few blocks away, they drop, you kill in one shot. - I don't watch Ethos :)
    And before someone starts trolling, it takes a lot longer than you'd think to get it working perfectly.

    - Guys I started this because I had several requests to make grinders for them, and one has been ordered already. If you watch town chat for a while (thanks Secret) you will see many people asking for spawner help. This is kinda in the middle of grinder auctioning and enchantment auctioning. I personally think there is a gap in the service market for this :)
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  11. Why would I bother getting myself banned? How do we know Leo won't sell the coords of grinders he already sold? He won't.
  12. true.
  13. This does sound like a nice idea. If I ever stumble across a set of spawners close together I will keep you in mind. However it would make me a little nervous to buy or have one built knowing that someone else knows. Do you have references of character perhaps? Just a peep or two who might say they have worked with you and your legit?
  14. There goes that. I have an Etho's Lab blaze spawner trap that needs SERIOUS fixing.
  15. I am roblikescake, Founder, CEO, and Owner of CakeCo Incorporated and I approve of AC Incorporated.
  16. I haven't "worked" with alex, but I have bought from him in an auction and he was trustworthy. I can say this, I am a very suspicious person when it comes to guarding my stuff from greifers and am overly cautious.. I whole heartedly believe in the "assume you cant trust anyone" idea, however, I would not be nervous for a second showing alex any of my mobs spawners or wild bases.

    I come to this conclusion mostly from my interactions with him and the fact that he is a diamond supporter (which DOESN'T always gaurantee someone is trustworthy, only that they have more to lose if they get banned) and that he is an active member or the EMC community and pretty well known. I am confident that his membership and reputation at EMC is more valuable to him then any gains he might get from giving away coordinates to a mob spawner.

    Seriously, weigh the gains versus risks.... the MOST anyone in their right mind would give him for coordinates to someones spawner is maybe a few thousand rupees, but he would be RISKING a possible ban and ruining any further business he might get for helping people with their spawners which in the long run would cost him much much more. Not to mention the person that he sold the coordinates to could always turn him in.

    I think its great that he is willing to help people get their spawn traps set up.. for many reasons. Not too many people would offer their time to help someone get a trap going... in fact, by helping people make their own traps, he is in essense creating his own competetion. If ppl are grinding their own xp and mob drops, they wont buy as much from his store or buy his enchanted items. Thats like Coke showing people how to make there own soda!

    The fact that he has made this thread publicly offering his services to help with spawners is a sign that he is trust worthy. He has stated in this thread he will NOT give away coordinates and publicly stands by it. Someone who would plan on scamming you most likely would make these promises privately as to conceal there true intentions.

    In the end, I would trust you own intuition here, but I can say that trust alex to keep his word.
  17. Then how do you make one???
  18. He is Legit.
  19. If you're too lazy to find out, then AC Inc. is for you =D
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