Breaking my circular tree ornaments aikar

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  1. This is about the updated prices, specifically diamonds.

    I understand why the prices needed to go up, pretty much every shop was out of stock on them so I would have bought for 90+ but the server shop sold for close that, however 500 per diamond is insane! I understand the server shop is kind of a last measure thing but jeez really drove up the prices, maybe lower them down to somewhere around 300-350 per so players are at least able to afford it in desperate times.

    Ex: An old friend tells you to come kill a wither with her, it will be easy she says, you go to kill it in iron armor and after 10 deaths you give up and just buy the darn diamonds from the server shop, but now you have to sell your left leg to get enough diamonds to even kill the wither.
  2. If only there was a way to get diamonds in MINEcraft without buying them.
  3. Hey I gave in example where my lazies would be slightly acceptable, and I mine plenty but on other servers in the wild where I live however taking trips back and forth can get tedious.
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  4. I've already cleaned out a few stores at 90r diamonds hehehehe.
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  5. Did /shop price increase? If indeed price was adjusted to 500r this will only drive cost of diamond higher than the 100r mark. The 100r mark was the only thing maintaining the price steady.
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  6. its getting there, smart shops are closing until it settles, the rest of us are adjusting every few hours to compensate
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  7. I predict that it will settle at 490r
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  8. Here I was thinking that /shop prices are supposed to keep player shop prices down not drive them up.
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  9. just aikar ruining the economy again, nothing new here
  10. Except there was no Drop Party this time
  11. I think anyone willing to purchase diamonds for 300r wouldn't care to notice if it was 500r instead, because they're alike in that they're both ridiculous prices. What I mean to say is that /shop is mainly supposed to 1) act as a rupees sink, 2) encourage player shops and 3) used to put a cap on prices, all of which are supported by the change. Lowering it to 300r would really make no difference and take up time that could be better spent elsewhere :)
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  12. Well I can vouch for my laziness when I say it has a cap of around 400r per diamond, after that I force my self to actually make the trip back from the area I live with some diamonds, it just seemed like such a crazy increase to what it was an hour before.
  13. Before you go pointing fingers, it wasn't Aikar that changed them.
    The Empire Shop is never meant to interfere with the natural economy of the server. The prices should always be representative of knowing that the items are spawned in and not mined/gathered from the natural world.

    Most other prices in the Shop are and have always been outrageous on purpose. You are only noticing it now because it is impacting you directly. (ex: Seeds are 25r EACH in /shop)
  14. *points fingers at aikar anyways*
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  15. Buy a Fortune III Pick and go mining for a few hours. Trust me, you'll be set for a while if you only use them for yourself.
    If the /shop raises prices every time players do, what's the point of a cap?
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  16. Some prices actually surpassed /shop prices. Making the Empire Shop the cheapest (and unlimited) supplier. Actually has nothing to do with the Empire Shop being the cap; it just simply is not intended to be equal to the actual market price.
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  17. It doesn't 'seem' like a crazy increase, it is a crazy increase. The economy is pretty much suffering from hyperinflation and many markets for items (like diamonds) are starting to crash. A major price bump in /shop, like the one that has now just been implemented, isn't going to help.
    It's not a cap, it's more of a guideline.
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  18. Alright you have convinced my feline mind, I suppose I will have to stop being lazy and make a few trips.
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  19. If you ever want to buy 400r Diamonds, I'm your guy.
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  20. We use to say the shop was meant to be a cap, but when evaluating the economy, we decided the economy would be better if it inflated. We held a poll and about 70% of the voters agreed with a push for rising prices. It was a pretty big debate and many people voted.

    As i said in the other thread, Diamond prices have doubled, but average daily income has quadrupled or more..., so its a pretty fair balance and still healthy for growth in prices.

    Closing shops only adds to the problem of too low supply, and will cause prices to rise even faster.

    Though I guess if your goal is to encourage it to settle at what its worth based on supply/demand.. sure.. but artificially manipulating supply to encourage, then unloading, is going to make prices yoyo.

    If you want prices to be more stable, keep the supply up.