Boozle628's Grinder building service! [extremely efficient]

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  1. boozle628's Grinder Building service!

    Single Monster spawner: 5.5k

    Darkroom Grinder(No mob spawner required) 6k + Number of layers 1k(number of layers)

    Double Monster spawner: 6k

    Tripple monster spawner: 6.5k

    Single Blaze spawner: 10k + 1r per block away from the closest outpost

    Double Blaze spawner: 11k + 1r per block away from the closest outpost

    Enderman Grinder: 30k + 5k x number of layers + 3k for efficient storage (hoppers included)(optional)

    Iron Farm: 50k + number of spawning cells (5k each max 6) + efficient storage(3k)(optional)
    If you are willing to supply the materials, that part is free. :)

    If you cannot supply materials, that will be 5k for everything except Enderman Grinders and Iron farms. Those are 12k for supplies.

    Enderman Grinders
    are the most efficient type of grinder! Up to 50 levels in 3 miniutes!!! (Forty layers of spawning space)

    [Limited time] slime chunks are available dug out one layer for 2k!

    All grinders are available to have enchant table put in for 900 rupees.

    Type of grinder:
    Blocks away from spawn (only applicable for nether items):
    Layers (enderman and darkroom grinders only):
    Enchantment table (yes or no):
    Extra requests (free. :)):
    Location (coordanites)(for spawner block grinders only)

    Please Pm me with your order.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not find grinders for you, you are expected to provide the location of your monster spawner block.

    Coming soon: Gold Farms!
  2. No one wants a ton of XP?
  3. If I ever find one I will.
  4. I'd say sign me up but im poor :(
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  5. Can't,
    And my computer lags too bad to get in the voting sites.
  6. I do my voting off my ipod.
  7. For enderman grinders, the more layers you have, the more efficient it is! Buy 1 level, get one free! Only applies to orders BEFORE August 1st!
  8. Are you willing to pay for one? If so:

    Search "selling spawner" in the top right corner of emc.
  9. Or you could buy an enderman Grinder… those I can see being a little pricy though.
  10. Sry. :p. that was not meant as a bump.
  11. No one wants god gear?
  12. Overworld spawner prices have been cut in half and I now offer triple spawners!
  13. Can you make one in my res if you can than I want one but I'm gunna have to collect a bit more money
  14. I am sorry, but this will not do. :( Monsters cannot spawn in town. :(
  15. Impossible. The are no spawners/mobs in residences. If there were almost everybody would have one.. You have to go to the wild/waste for spawners/mobs.
  16. Darkroom Grinders are now available!
  17. Whats the diff betweena monster spawner and a darkroom grinder?