Book Writing Contest

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  1. Book Writing Competition.JPG
    Rules :
    -time to enter : new update (1.3) -> 20 June
    -Voting from 25 June -> 02 July

    -Don't copy from internet!
    -be original
    -colours are allowed
    -1 book/Minecraft account
    -Post under this post your information:
    -[name of the book]
    -[residence number]

    JackBiggin 500 rupees
    xatharon 2.000 rupees
    powerdan 10.000 rupees

    (pm me to donate)

    Crafting recipe :

    Extra info:

    *If your book is ready, do this: (on a sign above a chest and put your book in it)
    sign.JPG pijl.JPG sign 2.JPG


    for writers : send me a Pm on the forum with the text of your book :)

    1st Place:
    -15.000 rupees

    2nd Place:
    -7.500 rupees

    3rd Place:
    -5.000 rupees

    Most original:
    -7.000 rupees

    Best donater:
    (powerdan 10.000 rupees)
    -the winning book

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  2. Um, actually, the recipe isn't specific on location.. the items just need to be somewhere on the crafting board.. They did that so you don't necessarily need a crafting table to make it.. They did the same with the book recipe supposedly.. :3
  3. they just need to know what they need ;)
  4. isn't the book recipe coming in a future update? If already here how do I get it to craft? I tried that recipe and it does not work for me.
  5. that's why the contest starts after the new update :)
  6. Hope the 500r helps :)
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  7. Oh dang, I have to finish my novel now :confused:
    Can't wait, this is a GREAT idea!
  8. LOL, I read the voting times but somehow missed the beginning dates, sorry. By the way most americans will be confused by the day before the month type. It makes no sense I know but that is why we are americans. If can do 2nd of July, 2012 it would help relieve the confus.ion
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  9. So it is fifty pages max right? Is there a minimum? Also, bump.
  10. yes 50 is the max ofcourse ;)
    there's no minimum but if its 1 page it will not win ofcourse
  11. ...and I'd presume the minimum is at least 1...
  12. if you want to win yes :)
  13. or at least one line, Lmao.
    Could there be a way to post the books in the forum for either voting or at least so we can enjoy them? I loooovvvve reading people's quirkiness and brilliance.
  14. Cool contest. Couple questions...

    1. Will we be able to read what the winners wrote?
    2. I'm guessing, but just to clarify for others...does the writing have to be a Minecraft based story/journal type?

    Also, you need to update your winning have 2th and 3th and it should be 2nd and 3rd. :D

    Good luck everyone!
  15. ill copy the book to word :) and if i make a voting system you can read them ofcourse :)
    and i was confused by the th and the rest so thanks :)

    its nice to hear minecraft story's but its the choice of the author :D
  16. Wait...
    I guess I'll just submit a shortened version.
  17. the best is to make a nice long store ;) than you got a good chance to win
  18. and you can enter now :) you can ofcourse only start writing at the update but you can enter now!
  19. fixed :D
  20. There's something in MineCraft (It's not in the game, but i'm still obsessed with it) that I just love.
    You will probably figure out quickly what it is, but if you do, please don't tell the others!

    -[name] AlexHallon
    -[name of the book] A Dragon's Story
    -[residence number] 6338
    -[ready?] No
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