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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I might be a big gamer but I also like to read a lot. I read a lot of books at the same time and they are all really good. The only problem is that I have a hard time finding books that I like and would read. So I need you guys and gals to give me some book suggestions. I like books with Adventure and Fantasy, sometimes I read other stuff to but rarely unless it really grabs me. Here are some books I am reading or have read so you get an idea of what I like:
    - Warrior Cat Series -all time fav :p-
    - The Iron Trials
    - Percy Jackson Series ( The Lightning Thief, ect )
    - The Kane Family Series ( The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, etc )
    - My Secret Guide To Paris -was good but not great-
    - The Tygrine Cat
    - FoxCraft

    Hopefully you got an idea of some books I would like. If there is a book that doesnt fit to be like one of these but think I will enjoy it, go ahead and suggest it :D

    Thanks for helping me find new books to read :D
  2. Heroes Of Olympus? :p
  3. The Xanth series is a little aged but fun for YA. I think the middle years were probably the best.
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  4. I mean, if you like fantasy Daughter of Smoke and Bone is my all time fav. Would defiantly recommend it! Lots of angels, half human half animals, if you're into that.
    The Mortal Instruments series is good too. Movie's awesome too. Stay away from thee show :p
    Lastly, Game of Thrones. Bit of a big read, but worth it. For a mature audience, but a great plot and lots of twists. (You should check out the show too)
    Hope you like at least one of these. I enjoy fantasy, so it was pretty hard to choose some of my favourites instead of giving you a list of over 100 :D
    If you do read any of these and like them and want to chat about them, hit me up
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  5. I looked the book series up online. I have seen good ratings and I read about it, it seemed ok. I might read some of the first book and if I like it then ill go from there :D
  6. As well I looked those books up and most of them sounded quite mysterious. I kinda seem into them, ill check them out some time. Idk if I will be into them but ill try :p
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  7. Just going throw out the recent series I finish since it fresh on my mind.
    The Black Company by Glen Cook. 4/5 stars
    It's a Epic/Dark Fantasy about a group of elite mercenary unit.
    The series is divide into 3 books called
    "Book of the North" "Book of the South" "Book of the Glittering Stone"
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  8. I think you might like The Sisters Grimm series. It revolves around fairy tales but does fit more into a mystery or adventure catagory. :)

    While it doesn't fit your listed sections, I would highly suggest the Rangers Apprentice and Brotherband Chronicles (I think I got that second one wrong, but both are by John Flanagan if you're interested.) :D
  9. Have you taken a look at Hashog's book thread? (I think it's Hash's, but maybe it's Kephras's. Idek anymore ;-; ) If you haven't, I suggest taking a look.

    I would suggest some books, but I don't think my taste in literature quite matches up with your's. I like science fiction more than fantasy personally. With the exception of a few book series.
    Have you read Harry Potter? If not, get off the Internet and read it because I think everyone should read Harry Potter at some point in their life...

    Also TLOTR is pretty good too if you haven't read those.
  10. Maze Runner.
    Chronicles of Elementia.
    Harry Potter.
  11. When I read the series, I didn't start at the beginning. If I had I might not have continued reading :) He might have taken a while to get started, not sure. I started with Dragon on a Pedestal.
  12. Three books/series that I enjoyed were Divergent, The Paladin Prophecy, and Ready Player One.
  13. If you like the Percy Jackson series, you would also like the Michael Very series.
  14. It was Hashhog's.
    I had some suggestions in there, but he started it.
    If you're a fan of the Warrior Cat stuff, I strongly recommend "Tailchaser's Song" by Tad Williams.

    "Watership Down" by Richard Adams is similar, but with rabbits. You might enjoy that one too.
    If you're looking for a long series to get hooked on, the Redwall books by Brian Jaques are another excellent choice.

    Other suggestions:
    • "Good Omens" by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett - hilariously irreverent tale about the end of the world (biblical "Revelations"-style end, that is.)
    • "The Last Dragonlord" by Joanne Bertin - I will never not suggest this one. High fantasy at its best.
    • "The Practice Effect" by David Brin - based on your book list, I think you'll really enjoy this one. It's a science-fantasy tale about a world where "practice" really does make "perfect."
    • "A Hero Born" by Michael Stackpole - more fantasy adventure. Interesting take on magic, as well.
    • Anything by Ray Bradbury, though I prefer his short-story collections. "The Murderer" is an all-time favorite of mine (it's not how it sounds).
    • Could always check my "Random Ramblings" thread, I suppose. :) I do try to post new snippets every so often. See link in signature.