Book copying in 1.8 sucks.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JonnyLong, May 7, 2015.

  1. There, I said it. It sucks.

    I find this quite aggravating, because I spent a good amount of time copying books before in order to have different VIP member cards/vouchers that were unforgeable and stackable. Now, with the 1.8 update I can only make ugly "Copy of original" versions that don't stack with all the books I already have.

    Is there anyway we can roll back to the pre-1.8 version of copying books? Is there some other workaround?? I'm sure Hashhog3000 with the inkstain knows what I'm talking about. Anybody else got my back?
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  2. Apparently I'm the only one this affects... Anyone else? Bueller?
  3. It affects me. I dislike it. It should be 1.7, but only the original book writer can make copies.
  4. I discovered this issue as well. Its impossible to sell 2 identical written books to a libarian now.
    I believe our name changing actually effects this. When I created my book, it was signed as my future changed name. But EMC had quickly changed the author to my current name when you confirm the signing of a book.
  5. I enjoy this.
    • If you give VIP books to people (Assuming that you copied from one original), you have a way of knowing if it was copied.
      • Basically, if you hand out Copy of VIP Books to VIP members and somebody comes to you with a Copy of a Copy of a VIP Book, you know that they have a fake copy.
  6. In 1.7, only you can make copies. Problem solved. Nobody can make fakes
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  7. Just for context: I'm a heavy user of books. I used to have a chest which contained bookshelves, books, leather (key ingredient for books), some paper and the rest books, books & quill's and enchanted books. Now I have a /vault page for my enchanted books because the written versions more or less took over.

    Also, just for the record: I'm a heavy user, I actually consider myself a power user, but it doesn't compare at all to the stuff Kephras has been doing here.

    Having that out of the way: I love the new mechanics! Sure, copies don't stack with the original, but only with themselves. On the pro side: when I wrote something (like that silly Ikea manual some time ago) then it's obvious that people got a copy of it. I wonder what the original could be eventually worth for some of the collectors? Because that is the other side of the medal: making your own work stand out from the copies you made. Which can only add up to the economy IMO. Especially for writers ;)

    With that in mind I'd actually advocate against keeping the protection mechanics active because it becomes already clear that if you copy my work you got a copy from a copy. Add those to the (niche) 'market' and the originals could be even more valuable.

    Now, I'm not selling my stuff like that but I can sure see new ways for others to create an income out of writing.
  8. Casting my vote in to revert to 1.7's "Copy-locked" mode. Mainly because books that don't stack right are a pain in the tail fluff. Also, I'd prefer not to have "copy of a copy of a copy" of my writing floating around. Kinda defeats the purpose of even having a bookstore, if people can just dupe them at will.

    Yes, the 1.7 mechanics had some drawbacks, but this is not an improvement, IMO.
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  9. my clone your own books only thing is still in place. So the issue is that it adds copy of right?

    We can get rid of that.
  10. Right :) the only issue is that it adds "copy of" or "copy of copy of" and those won't stack right, and also look pretty lame. It seems like if we're only allowed to copy our own books anyway, there's no point in having the "copy of" mechanism.

    Thanks for all your hard work on EMC, Aikar!