Book and Quil thread

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  1. What kind of things are you gonna put in your book(s)?
  2. Empire Guide of course
  3. Im planning on making a book with a title something like "Killerbyte's BullWhack Guide On How To Earn Ruppee's"

    Not sure yet :p
  4. All the active shops in smp5 so when people ask i will tell them. Come tot 10181 i give you a book on them ;)
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  5. You should hand them out the the new people who "completed" the tutorial.
  6. My life story.
  7. Ahaha.
  8. A scavenger hunt at my res... clues and such...
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  9. pie recipes? other recipes?
  10. I'm going to thank my dog, my 2 fish, my 2 axolotls, my mum, my dad, my brother, my sister, my other brother, myself, my 3 aunts, my 3 uncles, my 10 cousins, my computer, my keyboard, my mouse, facebook, twitter, Empire Minecraft, every single moderator in the world, the military, the navy, the BBC, my bloodworm pellets, my brineshrimp, my water, my country, my continent, my de-chlorinator, my tweezers, my pellet scooper, my medication tubs for my axolotls, my daphnia, my aquatic plants AND my thermonitor for allowing me to write in a book ;)
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  11. You have tweezers?!?!
  12. I forgot my aquarium and my toilet :(
  13. For feeding bloodwirm to my axolotls :3.
  14. Okay....
  15. I plan on making a library that will have manuals for things like cobble gens, obsidian gens, stuff like that. I also plan on having a book in my inventory and using that as a to do list.
  16. Maybe ill have a diary.
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