Blue Ribbon Hotel Estate

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  1. Hello, Hello!

    I am looking to Sell/Auction my Estate at the Blue Ribbon Hotel, to have an Estate you either had to pay 70,000 rupees for it, or be one of the highest donors to have won it, which is how i've come to have it.

    i can't auction it off on this thread, so PLEASE do not post any bids/offers here.. but instead, if you are interested in buying/or placing a bid that you please personal message me.

    I will watch this thread and bump it randomly so that everyone has a chance.. here are some pictures i took of the Estate today.. i didn't take pictures of A LOT of it, this isn't the only parts to it.

    it has 2 library area's with secret doorways that lead to an arcade room, and an office, also a storage room with a vault, there is an enchantment room, a kitchen, living room, a lounging room, a brewery, a master bedroom with a bathroom and working shower.. a piano on the first floor along with some music players, there is a little indoor garden, upstairs there is a door to a sunroom where there are weight machines for you to get your buff on ;) ... all in all this place is amazing, and i think it would be a better home to someone who'd use it more.


    this is the first floor, you can see the entry way, the staircase that goes up, and the GIANT kitchen table with cake!

    the second floor, with the big screen TV, a library, and a brewery behind me on this photo is the door that least to the sunroom with the weight machines.
    lovely lounging area with great fireplace, piano and music players.. great view out the windows too!
    cute little indoor garden/relaxing place to think

    this is Max and Kryssy approved, if you have any concerns please personal message them to ease your worry, if you're interested, don't hesitate to send me a message! :)
  2. for the love of bumps :3
    i can't tell if you're interested or just liking my post, lol message me! :3
  3. I will add on here that there are NO MORE ESTATES LEFT ON THE MARKET!!!

    They are sold out and this will be your only chance to get one, unless someone else gives their's up...(not likely)

    In addition, this is Room 8506. Which, if you are familiar with the Blue Ribbon Hotel, you will know that it is a TOP FLOOR room. The walls near the front doors are blank for a reason at the moment. I do pixel arts/letters of your choice to personalize the room. In addition, I make reasonable changes to the layouts of the room and add/subtract things.
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  4. I just wanted to ask just a few clarifying questions about this offer. What and where is the Blue Ribbon Hotel? What is meant by "Estate"? Is it possible to get a blue-print or overview? Is the title being sold one that will last "in perpetuity?"

    I will be happy to edit or have my post modified or deleted if seen as impertinent.
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  5. it is on SMP 2, its a hotel that takes up 4 residences all next to each other, it is at least 250 blocks high, made of sandstone, here is the thread about it.

    Estate is just the name for one of the Penthouses at the very top floor, its very nice, high quality and beautiful.

    if someone wants to buy it/bids on it, and they win it/highest bidder... then they are the owner of that room/house.. sure Krysyy will have complete ownership but your name will be on all the signs to have access to everything it has to offer.
    the Estate will be yours, you don't have to pay rent, it's yours for as long as you'd like to keep it.
    i can take you on a tour if you wish :)

    here is another thread regarding The Blue Ribbon Hotel
  6. and for the love of batman! :p :)
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  7. I have a room next door. I can show you if you want. :)
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  8. cool beans, neighbors with the boy of biscuit!
  9. Ergo.... keep the apartment
  10. Also Krysyy... there is no water in my room's shower? Would you mind calling a plumber?
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  11. Let me know when you want a tour
  12. yours doesn't have water either? i messaged her yesterday about mine lacking proper shower dealings. lmfao. she said she was going to fix it :3
    i don't want to, though, i don't really use it at all... and all i do is walk around and stuff.. and i'm sure someone would use it and like the extra room. :)
  13. and i did fix =P

    Idk what happened to the water, but miss krysyy, the plumber is on the way!!!
  14. Estate was sold this afternoon, :) thanks! yay to chickeneer! :D
  15. Battmeghs, I bet you wish you could be living next to a mod... well you can't.
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  16. lmfao, you make me laugh. you enjoy living next to a mod there boy of the biscuit. :D
  17. I will lady of bats.
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