[EVENT] Blue Ribbon Hotel Grand Re-Opening Party!!!

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    Krysyyjane9191 and Ignoramoose cordially invite you to the grand re-opening party of Empire Minecraft's premier hotel,
    The Blue Ribbon.
    When: TBD
    Where: SMP2 lots 3656, 3657, 3764, and 3765

    If you have never heard of the Blue Ribbon or want to see the list of donations, go to this thread:

    This is a Grand Re-Opening Party. Due to time and organization required for actually renting out the rooms and moving in tenants, we will not be having people move into the building until March 31, 2013 @ noon CST. This will allow us to focus on the PARTYING!!! :D

    Donations to the Blue Ribbon (as seen in the thread mentioned above) will still be 'locked in' or 'frozen' as of March 31,2013 at 12:00 am (midnight) CST. This will determine the top 12 donators that are eligible for estate ownership and determine the room selection order.

    Donations are applied to the cost of the room when the expansion is complete - whatever you have donated will be taken off the cost of your room choice. Rooms are chosen in order of donators. The top donator gets to pick the room they would like first, and so on down the line. Donators must still make up the difference in price if they have not donated over the cost of the room already. The top donator will have a dragon egg on display in their room after the dragon update is released.

    If you would like to donate to the Blue Ribbon, please post on the thread linked above. After validation of your donation, the list will be updated. Note: Around midnight on the last day, the list may not be completely up to date. We will reference rupee logs to determine the time cut-off and guarantee that no donations are missed in the last few minutes.

    Scavenger Hunt
    (to be updated as I plan)
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  2. first (for updates)
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  3. Second D:
    AWESOME!!!! I'm going :p
  4. Looking awesome ! Finally its up, seen it sitting there for a while now. haha !
  5. YAY! Grand reopening! What time GMT will the opening be?
  6. haha! What you didnt see were the insides, once barren and now full =)
  7. Gotta stop by smp2 ^_^
  8. aCookieGod is coming to check it out. :D
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  9. I'd love to donate some items right now. If your available to pick it up. :)
  10. Oh, I need to add a little disclaimer about the party. It starts at 3 pm CST, but I dont know how long its gonna be yet. Doctor Who also returns on March 30 so I will be absent from the computer at 7 pm CST for at least one hour. This is MANDATORY and the party will be paused if it extends into this time period. I will not miss my Doctor Who show...:pJust FYI for everyone...
  11. Bump! Cuz anyone who is anyone should see this =P
  12. Sweet, looks epic. Can't wait :D
  13. Look great, I visited it once and thought wow I want a room! Looks like I am going to stick my hand in my virtual wallet :p
  14. I'd like to donate... What is the lowest top donator?
  15. Me, at 50k. Honestly, I won't put up too much of a fight if you beat me ;)
  16. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if you donate 51k to me so I can donate to krysyy :p
  17. Haha, although I did forget one thing. Krysyy, will those inactive be counted for an estate? One (imparanoid) is MIA.
  18. This is a good point you have made. However, ImParanoid is still active on the forums. I will message him and see what he would like me to do with his donations. For now, assume he will still be on the list.