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  1. Day one - It begins...
    (also known as "the introduction")

    Most of you guys know that I like writing, I like helping people out and when it comes to Minecraft I'm also pretty addicted to messing with Redstone.

    Just for the record: I'm by far a redstone expert, but I am a very enthusiast redstone addict who happens to have learned quite a bit about it during the past year that I've been playing Minecraft. I wouldn't call myself an expect but I sure know my way around the process quite well.

    Some time ago, "somewhere else", I started to do a Minecraft tutorial. To that end I created myself a tutorial world, build examples and then used them in my (written) tutorial.

    In case you're interested; you can download this tutorial world here. Its a self-extracting RAR archive which also has an authenticity protection on it, so you can be sure it comes from me ("catslair.org"). It contains a saved world which you can extract and then enjoy in a single player session.

    You may guess where this is going...

    Shell's EMC Redstone tutorial project

    I plan to redo this project and either use the Empire blog, the Empire forums or maybe both to that end. But I don't want to mess with an external world anymore; I now want to make something which will truly add some extra value to the server (at least I hope it will).

    To that end I'm going to dedicate a (large) part of my Utopia residence to build a complete Redstone tutorial environment, add examples and then use those in my upcoming tutorial.

    So that you can read & actually follow / experiment whatever I'm doing on that residence.

    However... all I need now is to actually build it :D

    I want to try and turn this into a community effort somehow. Not necessarily something which is build / maintained by the community, but I want to try and get everything which goes into this project from the community.

    So; a large part of the required sandstone will be bought from shops, same applies to a lot of the redstone and other components. Of course I'll also add stuff of my own, but I'm going to try and turn this into an ongoing project.

    And that's where this blog comes into play a bit...

    In the upcoming months I'll be doing several auctions and other ways to make money but that money won't be used to add to my own profits but instead it'll be used for this Redstone tutorial project. So I think this blog could be a nice way to "advertise" a little bit.

    But obviously I'm also going to share the progress which I'm making on my residence.

    The only build on my Utopian residence so far; a 4bit multiplexer (which will probably need to go).

    More to follow soon!
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  2. Tutorial project statistics

    This post is reserved for sharing several statistics on the project.

    Raised funds so far => 99,000r
    • Own contribution to the project: 25k.
    • Auctioned a DC of nether wart: 2,800r.
    • jrm531 donated 2 stacks of Redstone blocks.
    • Trainer_RubyXS donated 1200r out of the blue to me, which I directed into this.
    • I won the GSA award for SMP2; the 70k I got goes into this project.
    Spend funds so far
    • Nothing yet.
    Required / wanted items
    (amounts to be determined later)
    • Redstone dust (blocks?)
    • Sandstone
    • Sandstone slabs
    • Redstone torches
    • Bricks
    • Glass
    Todo list
    • Build the redstone tutorial examples.
    • ???
    • Profit!

    I so couldn't resist! :p

    Ok, a little more serious here:
    • Make a rough design for the area.
      • Dig out the required room (most will probably be underground).
      • Design several rooms for several tutorial sections.
    • Add a donation chest / feature.
    Thanks a bunch for the comments / feedback and the donations so far you guys!
  3. I can donate 3 stacks of glass, more in the future. I just need to get in-game.
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  4. That would be awesome!

    I guess I should set up a donation chest or something. I'll add it to my todo list right away!
  5. Oh, very interesting! I really like redstone as well, but I feel like it kind of got out of the spotlight since command blocks were introduced.
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