[Blog] Minecraft Dual Wielding: From One Hand to the Other

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  1. Discover the tips and tricks EnderMagic1 highlights in their beginner guide to dual wielding! Don't miss out on the convenience this feature can add to your Minecraft experience.

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  2. Finally something from the contribution team itself! Nice! Sorry for maybe a little critical but the recent blog posts did sometimes make me wonder if only staff posted on the blog these days.

    I also enjoyed how you went way beyond what most people address when talking about dual wielding... Because dual wielding is so much more besides combat. Making a slab bridge for example.. Using your offhand can really help to allow you continue slabbing if your main hand has ran out.

    Awesome post EnderMagic!

    PS: Not sure if this is doable (should be possible), but it might be motivating to allow team members to announce their own blog posts. Because my likes are definitely reserved for Ender on this one!

    When trying to comment on the blog post using my WordPress credentials I'm greeted with this:

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  3. Well put and informed Ender I love it :)
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  4. This was full with very relevant and useful tips! Never even thought about how easy it was for ladders and such while building.. and the red stone stairs too. Thanks for all the time and effort.. I think it was well worth it. =D
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  5. Noice! Glad to see your blog finally got posted ender ^-^ very informative :D
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  6. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/calling-all-writers.54746/

    Anyone can submit a blog post... and you get 5000 rupees if it gets approved =D
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  7. Thanks for the blog. I did not know the trick with the arrows. Dual wielding was an odd concept when it was first introduced. Now it's a way of life :D How did we ever make it this long without it! :p
  8. That might be due to your previous status on the team and your current 'group' in Wordpress. We don't delete the account, we just reassign the group type. I'll check on it later this afternoon.

    We have a specific ContributionTeam account for the postings because sometimes these are joint efforts and the members aren't on the Team for individual credit, they are there to make the Team a success. Multiple people put forth effort on every post including the idea creator, the author, the editor, etc. Our posting from the team account is a way to acknowledge this, though the author has their name in the header.
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  9. Yeah, this post was supposed to be released months ago, but pushed back due to delays. Contrib Team is trying to decide what's best for releasing these posts. I'm glad it's here now. :)
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