[Blog] Minecraft Add-Ons: An MCPE Tutorial

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  1. Though it's not specific to Empire Minecraft, there are a lot of neat aspects of Minecraft Pocket Edition Add-Ons. Join jkrmnj as he walks you through some of the basics in this short tutorial and gain a basic understanding of the code behind custom mobs.

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  2. Finally another blog post. It's really weird saying that since I am part of the Contribs myself. We have plenty in 'storage,' but I don't know what's taking so long to appear on the main page. :/ I really want more activity on the front page, so why not add more? I don't get it.

    I used to be super addicted to PE when I was younger. My friends and I would connect together and build random things.. super awesome.
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  3. Ok, so this is going to be a little bit ironic, especially for those who know my opinion on all this (usually shared in private, won't elaborate on that) :D

    Now, my guess is obviously as good as anyone elses but too much activity can also negatively affect things. For example: what if you guys don't have as much time to work on the blog in a few months time from now? Reason doesn't matter: motivation, inspiration, real life issues, etc.

    If the staff would dump all / most of the available material out there in a short time span then there's always a risk that you'll run dry. It's usually better to have something in reserve in case you really need it than risking to become fully dependent on someone writing something new.

    Trust me: I realize how frustrating this can be, and I also think some things could probably be handled differently (just my opinion). But... Although I definitely disagree with staff on some points I am also convinced that they have good reasons for this approach.

    Just my 2 cents obviously.
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  4. Jkrmnj's post was the only one in my pending list. After a member writes an article, it goes through some primary review and editing, rewriting suggestions, etc by the Team Leads. After it passes that, it's put in my list for final review and publishing on a Google calendar schedule. I believe quite a few are in the initial review/rewrite spot of the cycle atm which is what you are seeing for those in 'storage'.
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  5. Looks awesome :) great post!
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  6. nice!
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  7. I'll try reading it, although I still don't feel inclined to, as they are outside the forum. I get that that's the purpose... I suppose you want the blog to get popular outside of EMC, so it'll draw people towards EMC. But I don't like to be drawn away from EMC, which is why I rather see topics like these as threads on this forum.
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  8. Mine was finished months ago. I thought there was so many blog posts that mine would be released later, not because it wasn't finished yet. :/
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  9. Me and my sister used play too, we had a huge base but since it didn't backup your world's through Google or anything when our tablets broke we lost it all so we kinda don't play it anymore xD
  10. Yes finally, someone (who's not me) is talking about MCPE! I'm not the PE freak anymore! (Btw great post!)
    607 I see what you're saying, but ultimately this could be used with emc!Just think about it, MCPE is getting more like MCPC, right? So Starlis may see it wise (in the future) to invest in a Minecraft Pocket edition server (or 10 :3), this may be useful in the future as it not be a matter of if emc attains a MCPE server, but rather a matter of when.