[Blog] A Conduit Guide

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  1. Cool stuff!
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  2. very very nice guide! hmm, maybe i will need to...... try one.
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  3. Very nice guide.

    There is a typo in the Uncovering Shells section. In there it states six shells are needed to craft a Conduit, it should state eight.
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  4. Thank you for catching that! I'll fix it sometime today. :)
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  5. Another thing to add to this (not a typo) is that you can use waterlogged blocks as well as just having water in the gaps, so you can have cool stuff like this:

    minus the haste particle of course. lol
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  6. That is correct -- I believe it was mentioned here in the post:
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  7. Jeepers, sorry about that and I read through the whole post. :(
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  8. why do we need to spread this kind of lies?
  9. whadya mean lies?
  10. any prismarine has the same effect. dark prismarine is not special
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  11. thought it did lol, i can remeber in my creative worlds using just prismarine and then not being "open" guess im remebering wrong
  12. I use all full blocks of any pris and get full effects.

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  13. Wonderful guide!!!

    (2 tiny typos. Intro for steps 2 and 3 show an S at the beginning of text, suspect cut and paste for formatting - totally have done that myself)
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  14. Thanks, Katy! I thought I had removed the S popping up there, but I guess a couple snuck themselves in!
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