block that gives signal before a restart

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  1. so i was wachting hermitcraft docm77 vidioe the beacon part
    normaly on a minecraft server that system would break most of the time becouse is was unloaded while pistons where firering or other things
    so my sugestion is a simular block that would
    basicly give a signal 1 minut or 2 before a restart if the chunks are loaded alows to farm to shut down and when the chunks get loaded again gives a signal to turn the farm on again maybe it would be cool to make it a tokens reward so u cant just spam them efry where

    in the vidioe they used a depowered redstone block texture i dont know how this can be achieved on emc maybe a dayligt detector or somting
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  2. EMC doesn't custom code blocks
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  3. Less to do with whether 'we', EMC, does or doesn't code custom blocks. Restarts can be unpredictable in a way that make obsolete the usefulness of any such block. You can't predict all times when an area unloads. On top of that, I don't see any practical way to implement your suggestion.
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  4. how are restarts unpredictable? If you mean the server restart might be off by a couple seconds, the block daanhu is suggesting gets around this by sending the signal at the first warning of a restart, so it has time to properly send a signal. Also, it’s not about protecting it from all unloads, just server restarts.
  5. yea more like a extra fail save that would be nice and the like restarts will give like a warning infront rigt
  6. How are regular unloads different than server restarts? I don't understand the use case of this.

    Regardless, this seems like it would be a waste of my time to develop compared to literally anything else. I can't dedicate time towards something I see as useless.
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  7. I think they want to AFK without risk during server restart times
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  8. You could try to modify the redstone to be unload resistant.
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