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  1. It seems like the mechanics of block protection has changed? I can't place blocks on top of or beside protected blocks. Is this intended and is it permanent? I was trying to fill up creeper holes in common areas of SMP7 frontier near spawn.

    I can see how not being able to place blocks on or adjacent to protected blocks would be useful for structures and bases, but it is problematic for terrain repair and common areas where multiple players are working together to maintain landscape. Some of the other players who have done terrain repair have done it with block protection on and some of them are no longer regular players. (I tend to keep buildmode off as it is really about making the areas usable for others and I don't want to limit their ability to build, but I know that sometimes I've had buildmode on accidentally).

    Blocks that can't be directly placed upon still can have blocks with gravity dropped on them.

    (Generally it might be useful if devs are going to tinker around with things in game that change mechanics that players are notified so we know what to expect and if it is intended or a bug, if it's permanent or not. I don't know if this information is available anywhere? I couldn't see anything on forums but if it's being published elsewhere it would be useful if it was here too.)
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  2. I Have not noticed this. If u need help i suggest ask staff if its for terrain
  3. I don't think we have made any changes to this. Let me know where this is happening, and we can look at it further
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  4. OK, that is super weird then. :confused: I'll try and find the places in game and post coordinates.
  5. Here are some coordinates (XYZ), near spawn SMP7 frontier central:
    63.5 67 -212.5
    80.5 70 -252.5
    70.5 70 -257.5

    If I attempt to place a block it won't place and the message comes up "You don't have permission to break [playername]'s block..."

    I can place a torch or place water.

    In some other nearby spots nearby, if I placed a torch or place a block above the block space I can then place a block. If I place then remove water I still can't place a block.

    At least the torch method is a work-around. But it is a bit of weirdness for sure.
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  6. I believe this is an intended feature. This happens when you try to place it over grass in my experience, as placing a block over top of it would cause the grass to turn to dirt, and I'm not sure how the block protection handles blocks that change their state (e.g. from grass -> dirt). If this is the method in use where it blocks you from placing a block on top, I believe it's because the protection system is unable to handle blocks that change from one block to another.
  7. Some of these are not grass blocks I'm placing over though, it's when placing beside them - sometimes on top of dirt, stone or air.
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  8. I can concur with the glitchy nature of protected blocks. It never used to be so strict before the 1.15 update. Even if it isn't a grass block underneath, sometimes you still get told you can't place a block. Before the update, you could place a block next to a protected lever/button/torch but then weren't allowed to break your own block because the other players' protection transferred over.
    Speaking of torches, can something be done to fix starter torches?
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  9. I was not able to find an issue at those locations.

    What is wrong with starter torches? No one has reported this till now.
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  10. Starter torches seem to be auto-protected but not normal torches.
  11. I know of a place where a structure has been griefed with starter torches. I'll find the coords so you can see, and maybe some can remove the torches too? (I never reported it because the player joined and left over a year ago, but it would be nice to get it tidied up).

    Smp7 Frontier SW, head E to the bridge.
    -999,808, 68, 1,000,026
  12. Starter torches are soulbound and can't be dropped as an item, therefore, if they're placed on a block that block becomes unbreakable, even if you have build-protected that block as your own. They don't break under any circumstance, not even under water and possibly lava.
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  13. What are you suggesting then? Do you want the starter torches just to be regular torches?
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  14. Is it possible for it to have soulbound but not have it behave like it's auto build-protected? Soulbound should only work if it's in a player inventory, not after it's a block entity.
  15. Any item has a special name or property (like soulbound) is auto-protected. Because the soulbound-ness is stored.

    With that being said. If there is ever an issue of them being in the way. Can always report to staff to look at.
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