Block glitching?

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  1. Can you make block glitching not work? It sometimes gets annoying.
  2. I know what you mean, not sure what Aikar could do about it.
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  3. There are plugins
  4. I'm not sure about this. I obviously don't know the specifics on how Aikar coded this, but if I may offer my two cents: when a player places a block, a BlockPlaceEvent is called. If the code determines that the block was placed in an invalid location (i.e. if the block was placed on a town road or on a residence for which the player does not have build permission), the event is cancelled. So, the block actually gets placed, but only for a small fraction of time, and I'm not sure of any methods to reduce/minimize how much time is between the event call and cancellation...
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  5. I get what you mean though I've played on other servers that DO have plugins that teleport you back
  6. You can tp the player back to the event location after it's declared invalid. I've seen it done plenty before.
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  7. Lol what I said :D
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  8. EMC is set up as a no lag vanilla experience. Adding more plugins would generate more lag.
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  9. You mean where the block was placed, or where the player was when the event was called?

    Edit: Ah! I understand now. The event would just have to be modified in that case. It wouldn't be too difficult, but now I'm wondering if it's really necessary/practical.
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  10. W
    well it doesn't have to be a big plugin after all a TP Plugin creates almost no lag
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  11. It still creates problems when it has to register the same plugin for 20-60 people at once. Block glitching is also an Internet thing, if your internet is slow consider checking you haven't gone over your cap or are downloading things while playing Minecraft
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  12. Internet speed doesn't affect the result of the event. And what do you mean by this:
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  13. Block Glitching is affected by the speed of your internet. If your internet is doing terribly or you live in Australia chances are you are going to be able to block glitch much more efficiently.
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  14. I understand that varying speeds can result in various behaviors with regard to world updates, but the end result is the same: the block is placed, then disappears.
  15. Is there a way Aikar can update the anti-lag update to get a tp plugin?
  16. But you can still use said blocks to climb small walls. Which is where I believe the OP is trying to say.
  17. Yes, alright. I gotcha now.
  18. I hope not. Block glitching is an efficient way of snooping around people residences.
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  19. Yes. I don't mind it :D
    I do not do it that often though, because it really spams your chat. I think that is a good thing too, because it makes it harder to abuse it because your chat gets spammed like that :p
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  20. Though block glitching can be useful it can be very annoying when you make a creation