Blew up my Dragon egg...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Leowaste, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Description says it all.


  2. you monster!
  3. When youre just too bored restocking your shop.
  4. You know your rich when......
  5. I would have gladly taken the dragon egg for free
  6. Feel FREE to put it back together again.
  7. *dragonegg is one of the things that just drops instead of being destroyed* I HOPE
  8. In medical terms we call this attention seeking behavior.
  9. Really. ):
  10. *puts pieces back together with hot glue, more glue and duct tape* its not the same waaa
  11. Why do those people in your sig seem so unaffected by the person splitting into two?
  12. It really should be obvious. The other two are dead.
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  13. I see one of them move though. and they're just like "Oh, you created a clone? That's cute, and normal"
  14. Oh lawldy. Ever think of the logical thing. Its just some twins.
  15. 2 pairs of twins in fact
  16. How could you!?!
  17. You have to fix your shop now! And dragon eggs drop they don't disappear.