BlackKnight1021's New Friend

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  1. (I'm not sure if this is suppose to be here, not entirely sure where else I would of put it)
    So I was stumbling around the other day and came across BlackKnight1021's girlfriend:

    (No, he doesn't actually know her...I don't think so)
  2. lol
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  3. but.. I though you were his girlfriend, masterdude :( c'est la vie
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  4. Omg, this is just great!
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  5. I honestly don't know how to respond to this.
  6. Accept the girl I found for you <3
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  7. But you're the only person I'll ever love. <3
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  8. Oh yes you do knight...
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  9. Bae <3
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  10. Offense taken knight I will remember this...
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  11. Plot twist: It's actually Knight on an alt.
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  12. It makes sense now, knight got a new alt for his mum to play on? Tell us if this is true.
  13. Oh I hope so!!! :)
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  14. Not a new account, but she did pop on EMC briefly during the weekend on one of my alts. We only spent a little bit of time online, just to get her feet wet. I plan on getting her a bit more in-depth this coming weekend.
  15. That's fantastic! Tell her to say Hi when she's on! :)
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  16. Well you can say hi for yourself. We should be online for a good amount of time,and it's likely you'll be on at some point or another during that time.
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