Bizarre foods

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  1. Ok, so this is really random... Post all the bizarre foods and their pictures...

    Ill start off:
    Sushi Popper: Similar to a pushpop we all love, except it is sushi...
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  2. sounds awesome

  3. Batiburillo

    Is a Paraguayan tipical food, is sheep liver, lungs, tongue, other parts, with pig and cow.

    Good for winter :D.
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  4. Kitchen-Talks-Foods-not-for-the-Faint-hearted-1000-year-old-Egg-2.jpg
    almost made me vomit but yes, I ate one of those , a "thousand year old egg" , aged eggs that have like a jelloish texture, from china
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  5. It looks so beatiful..
  6. looks tasty!

  7. Feeling hungry but don't want to make a sandwich? Not a problem! Just pop open a "Candwich!" Death will follow soon after.
  8. the bbq chicken one looks good
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