Birthday's are even better when on EMC!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AnonReturns, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Just wanted to share how awesome this community is and how sweet it was to have this happen when the clock struck 12 last night!

    Thanks for being fabulous and making my birthday start off better than expected EMC <3

    Also, Happy Birthday to the other EMCers (That I know about) who have their Birthday today: x7mx, CrafterBattle and meerkatman1 :D
  2. Oooh, happy birthday! :)
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  3. Happy birthday !!
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  4. Thank you ^_^
  5. FYI, it took me ten minutes to get through the SMP2 birthday wishes. I hadn't told anyone... I was all "How do you people know things?!!?"
  6. Omg YASS happy birthday girl you keep drinking Starbucks and it's all gon be alright YASSZ
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  7. Happy Birthday! This community is amazing, and will always be! :)
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  8. Happy Happy Birthday Happy Birthday to you.
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  9. Happy Birthday Anon! Another candle on ye ole cake!!! Yay (what is this year's flavor???)
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  10. Thanks again for all the messages ^_^ <3

    Thought it was only fair to share the love as well as the cakes :p

    I had a little strawberry gateau yesterday, but for my party tonight I'm going to have a big fresh fruit and cream cake I believe :3
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  11. Happy birthday! <3
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  12. Good gosh, now you are speaking my language! There was an ole bakery that would make fresh custard and glazed fruit topped mini cakes (strawberries, kiwi, blueberries, etc...) which were the best I ever had. I used to frequent going there back in the day. Sadly the owner closed shop to retire to Florida. Go figure.
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  13. Happy bday Anon :D Treat the PVPearl as a present. My bday is in April
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  14. Oh, the cake was gone before I knew it. SMP2 was ravenous.
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  15. Late, but we are birthday budds =3 So hope you had a good bday :D
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  16. Happy birthday
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  17. Aw, that's awesome!
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  18. image.jpg

    There's still plenty left, it's pretty glorious :p
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  19. Oh hey, I made 18 yesterday! Happy Birthday for you too!
    I hope we both have nice birthdays!
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  20. My birthday was fabulous, I hope yours is too ^_^