[Birthday] Tomorrow is my birthday! Cause for celebration!

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  1. Greetings great members of emc!

    Tomorrow is my birthday, I'm turning twenty! I also recently crossed to 800 days on EMC milestone :D!
    This all is a great cause for celebration!

    I have a contest for this celebration! But it won't be your average dropparty.

    So here it is:

    Eclipsys' 20th Birthbay bash!

    Part 1:
    Write a short story about the best memory/or event/or time you had with me on EMC. This story can be any length you want it to be!

    Part 2:
    Think of the most epic thing you think I can build. This can be anything from gardens to statues to houses/skyscrapers. Describe every element of the build, including size, used blocks etc.

    Part 3:
    Think of a Building block that you think describes me, or fits me best. (could be a block that I build a lot with, or simply a block that has some of my traits.

    I will select the 3 best of the sent in answers to these 3 parts and hand them over a price

    30 December, Winners announced 2nd of January!

    You can also ask my any question you'd like, as long as they're not inapropriate :D

    You can participate in One or Two or All Three of these little contests!

    Prices etc T.B.A.!


  2. To many great memories to write down!!

    The end.

    Happy Birthday mate!! Hope its an awesome day for ya !! :D
  3. We first had contact exactly 2 years ago, tomorrow :O

    Time goes so fast!
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  4. We've had so many times together, we have been throu like a tons of builds, ;-D
    We have also made your Building service part 2 together, well i was a filler man, and you designed, our greatest time was building either 1111 or 1211, i remember we made 1111 (which is 1112 now) on like one day with some other guy, sorry but i forget hes nam. 1211 is a longer chapter in our "story" but yeah...
    You should build like a huge huge yourself, lol :D

    A block that descripes you? Beacon, 100% sure it gotta be beacon, "expensive but beatiful"
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  5. Sure does, two years ago Dragonia was first conceived :D
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  6. The biggest free build I ever did xD Way before my building service ever came to mind etc.

    You were so kind to give me the 5001 build flags etc :D And Dragonia is what got me well-known on EMC :p
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  7. Want a rubiks cube for your present? :p :p :p :p
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  8. Rubiks cube fetish... Again? I thought you were so over that lol.

    How's your sandstone fetish :p?
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  9. The best time I've had with you. Well, here goes:
    Once upon a time, I connected to smp2, eclipsys was the only other person on, we talked for a while. The End! :D

    I think sandstone or stonebrick describes you :p Or snow, becuase your country is full of the stuff*

    Yeah, and, uh, what was your favourite EMC experience?

    *I've only been to Holland when it was covered in snow, it's probably a lot different in summer :p

    EDIT: Happy Birthday! :p
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  10. I was talking about your buildings, and your buildings are sorta you?
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  11. That was quite obvious xD
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  12. well sir, you're quite a beatiful dutchman :p
  13. xD How do you know what I look like :p?
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  14. We have had not many great times together but remember that one time I said Hey and you said Hi? Good times, good times.
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  15. Hmm...

    *Goes and finds a picture in the Show Yourself thread :p*
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  16. Lol, ohyea :D
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  17. Not exactly sure if I've ever met you...
    So ICE! Because you're pretty cool! ;D
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  18. Ah gahd.. I haven't known you that long but since my 190 days here; I think I met you on my 20th. I wasn't one to take things slowly, I wanted to get 1148 going ASAP. I remember PMing you.. Yeah check your 160 day old PMs lol. I remember when you came over and always told me how to make things better; most of which I did. We had fun and of course then you had the 104 devil day DP which I built for you.. I don't have much memories with you but those two were how I remember you the most and how you helped me out in the early days :)

    ..you should wait until dragon tombs (who knows when), buy all teh dragon eggs, and use as many as you can into a 30-block tall mansion made out of birch & stone. (You know, stick em in spots where it doesn't look awkward but it will make people go like "Well the levels of rich are poor, medium, rich, filthy rich, and Eclipsys")

    I'd have to go with the birch slab because you're addicted to it like Jack's addicted to hamsters. (Incoming "Jack IS a hamster!" comments)
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  19. Hope you have a really great birthday - I've only been on here a few months, but in our few exchanges you come across as a pretty decent chap :cool:...... have a great day :)
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  20. Dat skype picture where you are leaning 90 degress with a bear in your hand, aint that you?