Birthday AMA/100k Giveaway

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  1. Because I haven’t had too much time to play on EMC these past couple of months, my son (funnybone937) suggested I do something to celebrate my birthday on here. Since I love doing giveaways, I’ve decided to hold an AMA/100k Rupee Giveaway. All you have to do to enter is write a post asking me any question. On my birthday, I will randomly (using choose a winner to send 100,000 rupees to. The contest starts now and ends at 7:00pm emc time on Sunday, February 21st. If I miss/skip anyone let me know. Good luck!


    1. ShyguytheGamer1
    2. GeneralWillikers
    3. ShelLuser
    4. padde73
    5. FoxyRavenger
    6. RealTomsmasher
    7. ESSELEM
    8. omarsgifford14
    9. Acemox2k
    10. nuclearbobomb
    11. coin2012a
    12. PlasmaBanana
    13. SirLoneStar
    14. Mman
    15. Sachrock
    16. PinkCaker_Senpai
    17. SkareCboi
    18. Dufne
    19. RooYoshMine7337
    20. KJCHAV
    21. MajorHaze
    22. tuqueque
    23. ArkWarrior1
    24. EnderMagic1
    25. Crazy_TJ
    26. luckycordel
    27. JVEnraged
    28. Keliris
    29. Rundercaster
    30. SkeleTin007
  2. What operating system do you use? :D
  3. Windows 7
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  4. What was your best moment on emc?
  5. When you play on the Empire what do you like to do most?

    Edit: And almost forgot: I'd also like to wish you a happy birthday in advance, hope you guys have a great day!
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  6. Who have inspired you the most on EMC?

    Happy Birthday:)
  7. How do you feel about animatronics living among the empire?
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  8. What's your favorite build on EMC?
  9. What's your purpose in life?
  10. Probably when I purchased the set of Maxarian shoes I own. It was the first really rare purchase I made.

    Thank you :) I like to explore new areas and kill things most of the time. Other than that, I usually just mine and stock up on supplies (and hoard promos).

    Thanks :) My son has inspired me the most. He's the one that got me onto minecraft in general and he's taught me a lot about the game.

    I think I can handle it.

    Besides my gallery :p, I love all of Khixan's builds (and not just because she's been my neighbor since I joined). We've been trying to convince her for months to join the build team.

    My son is my purpose in life.
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  11. I don't think you understand. I am going to get another alt in March. Do you still feel like you can handle the animatronic propaganda?
  12. What do you love about Empire Minecraft?
  13. Do you prefer to quest/go out and about with a group or by yourself?

    Happy Birthday with many more to come!
  14. Do you like the pvp arenas?
  15. On a scale of one to 1 to awesome, how would you rate EMC?
  16. I understand, and I have an alt also ;)

    I think the thing I like most is how well rules are enforced. I've played on a couple other servers and it's always bothered me that staff doesn't handle enforcing rules as well as the staff on here do. I've also met a few really great people I consider friends.

    Thank you :) I usually go out by myself because of the weird times I get on. I don't mind going out with groups to fight mobs and stuff like that though.

    I like going to them if I'm going with people I know. I've had some fun times in there.

    I would rate it a 9. Everyone has their issues, but overall EMC is a great server.
  17. What makes you stay on emc?
  18. If you could have one custom item on emc, what would it be?
  19. What rare items do you have?
  20. What is your Favorite Film?